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We offer free web hosting for Nigerians and residents of Nigeria. Actually, we do more than that.

We offer free web hosting (also called free hosting) for Nigerian businesses and businesses outside Nigeria targeting the Nigerian market of over 150 million people. This also includes individuals in Nigeria and outside Nigeria who have a hobby or interest they wish to share with residents of Nigeria and the global community.

What is the purpose?

It's pretty simple. We want Nigerian businesses to get on the world wide web without charge. We want to give Nigerians and non-Nigerians residing in Nigeria an opportunity to showcase their business and talent to the worldwide community.

Here's the challenge and the reason why we are offering free web hosting for Nigerians and residents of Nigeria.

The internet is the worldwide information network where folks can search for and find information on virtually anything they want.

Advanced countries have portals for real estate, schools, hospitals . . . name it.

Unfortunately, there is a dealt of information on Nigeria. For example, people relocating to Lagos Nigeria seek information about Nigerian schools, hospitals, hotels, guest houses, vacation rentals, telecom centres, restaurants . . . and more.

The real estate directory on this site as well as the Nigeria market pretty much covers the bit about Nigeria real estate and provides all of the information home seekers need to locate and rent or buy houses in Lagos Nigeria and, indeed, the whole of Nigeria.

The school directory on this web site provides information about Nigerian schools . . . information you won't find anywhere else.

However, there is more to Lagos Nigeria, and Nigeria as a whole, than just real estate and schools.

Nigeria is a country with over 350 languages. So, there is huge diversity within the country . . . diversity and creativity among Nigerians and non-Nigerians that the world can benefit from. And the internet is just the right place to promote Nigeria effortlessly.

Unfortunately, millions of Nigerians live below the poverty level and can hardly make ends meet. Therefore, getting on the internet is beyond their means.

But not anymore!

This free web hosting service provides a unique opportunity for Nigerians to have their own web site free.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

We are giving out FREE Web Site to everyone living in Nigeria or living outside Nigeria but targeting the Nigerian market.

Free Hosting And Free Web Site

How does this free web hosting service work? How do you claim your free web site?

This free hosting service offers individuals and businesses unlimited number of pages.

What does that mean?

It simply means you can add more and more pages to your web site for free. There is no limit to how big your web site can be.

You can have 1 page, 2 pages, 100 pages, 1000 pages, or even 2,000 pages. There is absolutely no limit.


And the good part is . . . the more pages you add, the more visitors will find your pages, the more friends and customers you will have, and the more money you will make.


What kind of information would these pages contain?

These web pages, the pages of your free web site, can contain information about your . . .

  • Products . . . tangible or intangible
  • The services you offer e.g. legal service, real estate services, dry cleaning services etc
  • Your favorite hobby e.g. football, table tennis, lawn tennis etc
  • Yourself - your personal diary detailing your likes, dislikes, friends, interests, hero, favorite spots etc or
  • Picture album showing your favorite pictures . . . modeling agencies could be crazy about you!

    In simple words . . . this free hosting service gives you a voice.

    Information, they say, is power. This free web hosting service gives everyone in Nigeria and those targeting Nigeria an opportunity to share information about what they love most . . . and even make money in the process.

    This is free advertising!

    Where do you start?

    Simply use the form below. All the information you post in the form below will appear on your own unique web site.

    Have no fear. This process takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

    Terms Of Service

    The rules are pretty simple.

    1. What you post on your web site using the form below must be original content. You must not copy from any other web site. Copied content will be deleted.

    2. If you are posting an article, it must be original article. You cannot use the same article you have posted on some other site on this web site. That is duplicate content and it will be deleted.

    3. This is a family friendly site. You cannot post pornographic pictures here. And vulgar language must not be included in your content. It will be deleted.

    4. Your web site content must be at least 200 words in length. Post the information you want on your site in Microsoft word and count the number of words. If it is more than 400 words, that is great. In fact, the longer your page, the better. However, if it is less than 200 words, write some more.

    Follow the four simple rules above and you will be just fine. Your free web site content will appear on this web site and you will gain the popularity that will earn you money in droves.

    P.S: The free web hosting service is currently on hold. However, you can get a free home business web site

    P.P.S: Want to Advertise your business on this site? Click HERE for details.

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