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Free real estate ads Nigeria. Post property ads free in the Nigeria real estate directory. Advertise free to a global audience.

Yes, that's what we offer you in this Nigeria free real estate ads portal . . . an opportunity to advertise to a global audience.

Seriously, selling a property is not easy. I have seen some properties stay in the Nigeria real estate market for over a year. The property owner wants to sell but buyers are not forthcoming. In some instances, it is because the property is over-priced.

However, in some other cases, it is because the property owner has not advertised to a large enough audience. Let me explain.

There is what is called conversion ratio in the field of advertising. Actually, there are two key terms you should be concerned about when you advertise online or offline. They are: Number of page views and conversion ratio.

The number of page views or impressions refer to the number of people who actually viewed or saw your ads.

  • Some people will see your real estate ads and won't bother to read it . They just flip or click to the next page.
  • Some will read your offer but do nothing about it.
  • Some others will read your property ads, get interested, and then call you to take things a step further.
  • All three classes of people view your ads but only the third category of people actually contact you to do business with you. The total number of people who viewed your ads make up your page impressions or page views. The ratio of the people who contact you to those who viewed your ads is what is called your conversion ratio.

    For example, if your post free real estate ads or paid real estate ads online or offline and 100 people viewEd the ads but only 2 people contacted you, then you have a 2% conversion ratio.

    That is pretty straightforward, right?

    Now, suppose you have a 2% conversion ratio for your property ads. If 1000 people view your ads, 20 people will contact you. If 20,000 people view your Nigeria real estate ads, 400 people will contact you to do business with you.

    Bottom line.

    The more people who view your ads, the more people will contact you to do business with you irrespective of you conversion ratio. So, your target should be to advertise to a larger audience so you sell more and make more profit.

    That is why it is in your best interest to advertise on this site. Let me break it down.

    This web site has over 600 visitors per day as I write this. Over 600 unique visitors per day amounts to 18,000 + visitors per month. Imagine advertising to that large audience of people anxious to get a property? Only great things can happen to you.

    Our free real estate ads directory provides you that wonderful opportunity to advertise big time to a global audience and make huge profit.

    As at May 2009 we are at 600 + visitors per day. Our target is to hit 20,000 visitors per day in 2yrs. All of those visitors will be buying from you now and over the next century.

    Ready to start earning big from your real estate business?

    Click HERE to visit the directory and advertise free.

    P.S: Want to Advertise your business on this site? Click HERE for details.

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