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free classified ads lagos nigeria africa

Free classified ads Lagos Nigeria Africa - the best free classified advertising service in Nigeria.

Here you can post classified ads about any product or service you have for sale anywhere in Nigeria or Africa. Potential buyers will find your ads and contact you. You do business with them and both of you benefit.

Bottom line.

This classified advertising service connects buyers to sellers. Sellers make profit while buyers get value for their money.

The good news is that this service is completely FREE. YES . . . you heard me correctly.

This free classified ads service is completely free. You pay absolutely nothing to advertise here.

There is more good news.

This classified ads directory is not only for commercial ads. Public service ads or public service announcements are also welcome.

Have a wedding ceremony? Publish it here.

Have an NGO with a special program? Invite folks here.

Then of course . . .

  • Post free classified ads here if you have a product to sell and
  • Post free classified ads here if you have a service offering

    How To Post Classified Ads

    Posting your ads here is as simple as A-B-C. It actually takes less that 3 minutes to post your ads depending on the length of your ad.

    So, how do you advertise your products and services on this site FREE? Simply follow the steps below.

    1. Choose a title for your classified ad

    A title is what potential buyers will first see when they hit the ad page. So make it catchy, inviting, and straight to the point. Your ad title should include your offer.

    For example, "Imported French Suit - Buy Two For The Price of One" or "Buy Used Cars - Grade One Tokunbo. Less Than 5 yrs Old" or "Mobile Phones - All Brands Available. 30% off All Purchases"

    Your benefit-packed ad title is what will captivate potential buyers and pull them to your ad details.

    2. Ad Description

    Your ad description is what will compel potential buyers to call you and place an order for your products or request a quote for the service you offer. So, think through your free classified ads details seriously before posting.

    Yes, your captivating ad title will pull visitors to read your ad copy. But whether they call you and finally buy from you depends on how you present your offer.

    3. Description Contents

    There are four things you include in your description.

    a) describe your product or service in clear terms

    b) State the product price

    c) State your contact address

    d) State your telephone numbers


    This is not a link directory. This is a free classified ads directory. Post classified ads here.

  • Describe the product or service you offer
  • State the price
  • State your contact address and
  • State your telephone numbers

    Ready to post classified ads? Ready to take advantage of our free classified advertising service?

    Post in the right directory using the links below.

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