Foreign Direct Investment Lagos Nigeria - Country Representative of Foreign Investment Companies And The Question of Trust

foreign direct investment lagos nigeria

Foreign direct investment is much needed in Lagos Nigeria and in virtually all areas of the economy in Nigeria. And there is no shortage of foreign investors willing to diversify into developing economies like Nigeria.

However, there is a problem.

These potential foreign investors have heard and seen a lot of bad publicity about Nigeria. The popularity of advance fee fraud (419) news and the rampage of 'Yahoo Yahoo' boys have not helped matters.

Then again there are those foreign investors who have ventured into Nigeria and have had their fingers burnt because the country representatives they chose to act on their behalf got greedy.

Now foreign investors contemplating bringing foreign direct investment to Nigeria wonder if they will suffer similar fate and whether the 419 fraudsters will not swallow their investment.

If you are a foreign investor contemplating investing in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in Nigeria, I can assure you that there are still millions of credible Nigerians in this country ready to manage any foreign investment as they would their own.

These honest men and women realize that companies, local or international, provide jobs for hundreds and even thousands of families. And when they kill or mismanage the company, they ruin the income opportunities of employees, shareholders, and the thousands of families who depend on them for livelihood.

Besides, these men and women of virtue have the fear of God and recognize that dishonesty is a crime against God and their fellowmen. So, they defend their reputation by maintaining honest practices in all their business dealings.

These are men and women foreign investors can trust . . . men and women who are at peace with God and their fellowmen, men and women who have proven that a good name is better than riches - gold and silver.

I salute the courage of these able-bodied men and women . . . Nigerians who make their country proud and who have a good name with their heavenly father.

Thinking of bringing foreign direct investment to Nigeria?

Do NOT be afraid. Just look out for these God-fearing men and women as country representatives and CEOs. When you do, you will find that Nigeria is a land of opportunities . . . a developing economy where good money can be made honestly.

If you doubt what I say, ask the telecommunication company MTN. Ask Airtel Bharti, the Indian telecommunication company that recently bought over Zain Nigeria.

Want some more proof that Nigeria is a land of untapped wealth?

Ask Heineken, the majority owner of Nigerian Breweries Plc. Then ask Arthur Guinness or his great grand children who inherited the Guinness brand.

Nigeria is a developing economy with huge untapped potentials. Bring in some foreign investment to harness any sector and you could be the next celebrated billionaire.

The Man - Samson Itoje

Samson Itoje, author of this site, is a man of integrity with vast experience in manufacturing, production management, people management, and real estate consulting.

If you want a credible country consultant to spearhead your investment in Nigeria, there is no better choice than Samson Itoje.

Want a country consultant you can trust? Want someone untainted and trustworthy?

Engage the services of Samson Itoje.

Click HERE to contact Samson Itoje.

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