Financial Freedom - The Secret To Work Less And Make More Money

Everyone want financial freedom.

Unfortunately, millions of people in Nigeria (and worldwide) still wallow in abject poverty despite their best efforts.

On the other side of the divide are people who have what can be called a good job but still they cannot be described as being free financially because they have NOTHING outside of their jobs. And most are broke before the next payday.

Think about this.

financial freedom nigeria

Most people who have a paid job in busy cities like Lagos Nigeria work 8-12 hours per day (5 - 6 days a week) and spend 2 - 4 hours in traffic. They spend so much time at work (and in traffic) and very little time with their spouse and kids.

They work so hard and yet they do not have the MONEY FREEDOM they seek.

To make matters worse, jobs are no longer secure. Job security is now a dream in today's fast-paced technology driven world.

Guess what.

After working for 35 years for a national or multinational company, less than 10 percent of employees retire financially free. Another 50 -70 percent retire and become petty traders with little monthly income and about 20 percent retire broke or dependent on relatives or their children for sustenance.

Bottom line.

Having a good job is great BUT it does not guarantee financially freedom.

Millions of employees are shocked to see how fast their earnings crash after they retire. In effect, they roll backwards from being self sufficient (or living a life of luxury) to steadily becoming one of the have-nots of society.

This is serious!

The Secret To Financial Freedom

From the above discussion it is obvious that having a good job alone is not a guarantee that you will live your life having the kind of money you love to have because with a job you stop getting paid when you stop working.

The same goes for people who have a shop or petty business. They do not make money the day their shop is closed. They only make money when they open their shops.

In simple words . . . Having a job or petty business will not secure you financially.

You need more than that!

So, what is the secret to permanent wealth . . . The kind of wealth that you continue to enjoy long after retirement?

The secret to unlimited wealth is this . . . become part of an income opportunity that reward its members using the concept of leverage and residue income.

What is leverage?

Leverage is the process of being paid on the sales performance or effort of others. That is, those below you in the system work and you earn.

Cool, right?

What about residue income? What does residue income mean?

Residue income is the ability to get paid repeatedly, month after month, on the purchases by clients you referred to the company.

If you work for a company that pay brand partners on the basis of leverage and residue income, and you build a solid customer base for the company when you still have the ability, the company will continue to pay you forever . . . For as long as those customers continue to buy from the company. And yes, even after you're old, retired or too weak to actually work.

Sure, this is the kind of company you should work for or partner with to make money.

Work Less And Make MORE Money!

When you partner with this kind of company . . . A company that pay brand partners using the concept of leverage and residue income . . . A time will come when you literally get paid millions of Naira every month for little work.

This is true financial freedom!

Naturally, you have several questions you will love to ask.

For example . . .

financial freedom for the children of God => what kind of companies pay brand partners using the concept of leverage and residue income?

=> Which company meets the criteria of being the best company to partner with in this regard?

=> How much can you possibly earn every month partnering part-time or full-time with this kind of company?

=> how do you avoid falling into dubious deals that make you lose money?

Sure, you want the above questions (and more) answered and for good reasons.

The good news is this . . . Now you can get all the answers in a convenient form.


Through my new book.

Yes, I am pleased to announce the release of my new book, "Financial Freedom For The Children of God --- The Secret To Work LESS and MAKE MORE MONEY".

About The Book

The book, "Financial Freedom For The Children of God -- The Secret To Work LESS and MAKE MORE MONEY" is designed to provide the financial education people need to take advantage of the concept of leverage and residual income (the two greatest wealth creators of the 21st century) and become financially free while working less.

The book contains eight (8) chapters which drill down and shows YOU the reader the exact steps you need to take to achieve financial freedom.

The book even shows you the business opportunity we recommend . . . a global income opportunity that has made many people all over the world multi-millionaires while working less.

If you will like to WORK LESS and MAKE MORE MONEY, then you should read this book from cover to cover.

The message in this book is financially liberating.

Buy this book, read it from cover to cover and apply the things you learn with creativity, ingenuity and leadership skills.

Achieve financial freedom faster!

Price And How To Order

The book is =N=1,000 per copy.

We recommend you buy a pack of 10 copies so you can give a copy each to people who are important to you and help them also become financially free.

Call us on 07086459367 or 08033290430 to request our bank account details and pay for your copies.

NOTE: Please send an sms or text message if the lines are busy.

P.S: We deliver the books to customers all over Nigeria via courier service. If you make bulk purchase, we can also send through the transport service to the city where you live to reduce delivery cost. The customer pays the delivery cost.

P.P.S: Distributors are wanted nationwide. If you're interested in becoming a distributor for this book, simply call us on the above numbers for details.

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