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Fast money is what many young folks in Lagos Nigeria want. They want to make money fast and enjoy life.

The young men and women of today do not want a tough life. They seek the shortest route to riches . . . the short-cut to success.

Happily, there is a way. There is a way to make money fast. I am talking really fast money.

I see you are excited about this. Well, let's get down to it.

There are at least five ways to make money fast. Let me explain.

First you can make money fast by stealing it. And you can steal it online or offline. You can steal someone's credit card and use it to shop massively online or even cash the funds offline through a Visa or MasterCard enabled ATM machine.

Offline, you can steal someone's ATM card and his PIN and withdraw thousands of money from the victim's bank account via his ATM card. That is a really fast way to make money.

A second way to make fast money is by being a drug dealer.

In recent years, many Nigerians have been caught trying to smuggle cocaine outside the country. These folks want quick money and they realize that the quickest way is by transporting hard drugs across borders.

These are the same people who return from their oversea trips loaded with cash . . . solid foreign currency, British pounds and U.S. dollars, and who "oppress" ordinary people on the streets with their ill-gotten wealth. They are the same people who spray U.S. dollars at parties just to show the public they have arrived.

A third way is by engaging in Nigeria real estate fraud or advance fee fraud popularly known as "419". Advance fee fraud is the bullet-proof way to steal from greedy individuals who wish to reap where they have not sown . . . people who expect to win thousands of dollars from a lottery they did not play, people who want to inherit millions of dollars from an unknown relative who supposed stole some money from the Nigerian government.

A fourth way is by bunkering crude oil in the oil rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Crude oil currently sells at about $75 dollars per barrel. A thousand barrel a day is all you need to buy a jaw-dropping house in Ikoyi . . . the expensive spot for the rich in Lagos Nigeria.

A fifth way to make fast money is to rob a bank.

You see, banks have money in millions. They pay out money again and again and again to customers but the money never seems to run out. Need to make money fast?

Your best bet is to rob a bank. And bank robberies have become common. Actually, bank robberies swing from being commonplace to being rare.

Bank robberies become commonplace when several new gangs hit town. And when the environment gets heated up because of police counter attack, the robbers go into hiding and bank robberies become rare once again.

Bottom line.

There are countless ways to make money fast. However, you may have noticed that the path to quick unbridled fast money is often crooked. When you want fast money . . . when you want money by all means . . . you often get into trouble. Sometimes, real trouble.

In simple words . . . honest money does not come fast. It takes hard work, patience, and persistence. It takes creativity and some level of ingenuity. And it builds slowly before it hits a snowball if everything has been done properly.

But the good news is . . . honest money gives peace of mind. You go to bed with both eyes closed. And you live a happy fulfilling life.

On the other hand, pursuing a life centred around making money fast often leads to involvement in criminal activities and a lot of heartaches.

My advice?

Follow the course of righteousness. Do what is right. Detest stealing, fraud, and other criminal activities.

Pursue righteousness. Love God. Love your fellow man. Do no evil.

That is the path to true happiness.

What is the value of making all that fast money without God's favour and a happy life?

It is all vanity. Detest it.

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