Facebook Marketing Strategy Lagos Nigeria

by Samson Itoje

Facebook Marketing Strategy Lagos Nigeria

Facebook Marketing Strategy Lagos Nigeria

It pays to have an effective Facebook marketing strategy anywhere you do business in Lagos Nigeria.


Well, if your Facebook marketing strategy sucks, then you will soon stop advertising on Facebook.

You see, the reason businesses consider advertising on Facebook is because Facebook has over 2 billion active users.

So, if your Facebook marketing campaigns are done right, hundreds (or thousands) of those Facebook users could start buying from your business.

Yes, you can attract lots of customers to your business from Facebook. But that can only happen if your marketing campaigns on Facebook have the right ingredients.

Key Performance Indicators For Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

How would you know if your Facebook marketing strategy is effective?

Simply ask yourself this question: "How much am I spending on Facebook ads? And how much revenue are those ads bringing to my business?"

Yes, the bottom line for any business is volume of sales . . . that is, how much money sales and marketing expenses is generating for the business.

A word of caution: The revenue generated by your marketing investment should not be the only measurement of success.

For example, if your business spends 10 million Naira on marketing and makes 8 million Naira in sales, that marketing strategy cannot be considered effective.

Yes, the marketing effort generated sales but the sales generated is not sufficient to offset the marketing expenses not to talk of making profit.

Therefore, in assessing the success (or otherwise) of your Facebook marketing strategy, your key performance indicators should include:

1) Lower cost per lead

2) Higher conversion rate

3) Higher Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and

4) Increased revenue

Once you have your key performance indicators (KPI's) determined, you can then begin to look for a Facebook marketing strategy that can deliver on those KPI's.

Current Marketing Strategy Versus Facebook Marketing Strategy

If you take a second look at the marketing KPI's mentioned above, you will notice the use of words such as . . .

1) Lower . . .

2) Higher . . .

3) Increased . . .

All of the above words indicate that you will be comparing the results from your Facebook marketing strategy to the results you're currently geting from, say, . . .

A) Radio adverts

B) TV adverts

C) Newspaper adverts or

D) Billboard adverts

Once you have that documented, you can then compare with the results you're getting from your Facebook marketing efforts.

Many Businesses Have Quit Advertising On Facebook

The truth is this . . . many businesses have stopped advertising on Facebook because they did not get the kind of return on ad spend (and revenue growth) they expected.

At the same time, lots of businesses have used Facebook marketing to substantially grow the business revenue.

Bottom line.

The problem is not Facebook. The problem is with the business owner (or the advertising professional employed by the business owner).

Some business owners are Facebook marketing experts and they get good results from advertising on Facebook while others are inexperience and get zero results marketing on Facebook.

In like manner, some advertising professionals are experts in media buying on radio and TV but suck at Facebook marketing.

So, when a business owner engage these kind of "expert" to manage his Facebook marketing strategy, he is bound to fail.

Remember . . . When your Facebook marketing campaigns fail to get the desired result, the problem is not the facebook marketing platform but the strategy you're using on the platform.

The solution?

Get a Facebook marketing expert who uses ROI engine for his marketing campaign!

The ROI Engine Lagos Nigeria - Facebook Marketing Software For Increased Revenue

The good news is . . . you have come to the right place.

We help businesses increase revenue using a Facebook marketing strategy that includes the use of a Facebook marketing software.

The truth is . . . most businesses fail with their advertising on Facebook because they do not use an appropriate marketing software in conjunction with their Facebook Ads.

Our Facebook marketing software (The Erimama ROI Engine) is focused on starting conversions with your potential customers on Facebook and converting them to paying customers who buy from your business over and over again.

Yes, we help businesses increase revenue through automated conversations with potential customers on Facebook!

This process is called conversational marketing.

Our Facebook conversational marketing software help businesses achieve . . .

1) Lower lead acquisition cost

2) Increased conversion rate

3) Higher return on ad spend and

4) Increased revenue

Yes, our Facebook marketing software (The Erimama ROI Engine) is the missing link your business need to achieve effective and result-oriented Facebook marketing strategy.

We are focused entirely on results. We want to help you achieve a higher ROI on your marketing spend. And make MORE money.

Guess what.

You can test-drive our Facebook conversational marketing software before you buy.


Simply Click HERE to get the demo link of our Facebook marketing software.

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