Entrepreneur Workshop Lagos Nigeria – Small Business Entrepreneur Training

The entrepreneur workshop organized by Erimama Investment Company Ltd is designed to help proactive employees transition from being employees to small business owners.

The entrepreneur course is a small business entrepreneur training for . . .

  • Employees planning for retirement
  • Employees who want a simple way to earn extra income part-time and
  • Ordinary people looking for a way to generate income and become financially independent

The purpose of this entrepreneur course is to provide practical small business entrepreneur training that will equip all participants to become seasoned business people with a workable business plan.

So, if you're been looking for an opportunity to start a business of your own you can run part-time or full-time, this is the opportunity that is just right for you.

Hands-On Business Training From Seasoned Business Practitioners

Many small business entrepreneur training you see around are nothing more than a rehearse of theories from academicians who have very little experience with actually running a business.

Participants of these popular business courses often learn business theories from academicians who learnt from other academicians who learnt from other academicians before them. Few actually get hands-on business experience.

No wonder thousands of business graduates fail in actual business practice!

This entrepreneur workshop organized by Erimama Investment Company Ltd is a breath of fresh air. It's like nothing you've seen before.

This small business workshop covers what you need to start your own business and grow that business to the level where you can retire and become financial independent based on the earnings from your business.

This business workshop teaches you practical stuff you can put to use right away.

Yes, we are business owners. We run our own business. So, we understand what it takes to start and grow a business to profitability. And we can teach you the specifics you need to succeed in business.

Want practical business coaching from actual business practitioners, from real entrepreneurs?

Want to retire early and become financially independent?

Simply register for this entrepreneur course organized by Erimama Investment Company Ltd and pioneered by our CEO, Samson Itoje.

"I Live Outside Lagos Nigeria - How Do I Attend The Entrepreneur Workshop?"

This business workshop is for everyone wherever you live in Nigeria or the world.

If you live in Lagos Nigeria, fine. If you live outside Lagos, no problem.

In fact, you're welcome to attend this business workshop even if you live outside Nigeria.

How is that possible?

Simple. This entrepreneur workshop is a LIVE online business course.

Therefore, all you need to participate in this business training is your computer (or cellphone) and internet connection.

Simply connect to the LIVE WEBINAR and participate and benefit from the business training.

Yes, distance is not a barrier!

Bottom line.

You are invited to attend this unique entrepreneur training anywhere you live in Nigeria . . . or anywhere you live in the world.

When you attend this small business entrepreneur training program organized by Erimama Investment Company Ltd, you position yourself to retire early and financially independent.

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