Employment Agency Lagos Nigeria - Premium Lagos Nigeria Job Agency.
Cut Employee Costs By
20 Percent!

Grow Your Profitability!

Employment Agency Lagos Nigeria - Welcome to the premium job agency based in Lagos Nigeria.

The goal of this employment agency is simple . . . to help companies doing business in Lagos Nigeria cut their employee cost by up to 20 percent and more.

The business equation is simple.

Profit = Sales minus costs

employment agency Lagos Nigeria

Accountants try to complicate the business equation shown above.

But no matter how you look at it, your profit is a function of your company sales volume and the total costs incurred in doing business.

Put simply . . . your business profit increase as your business costs decrease.

What if you could somehow magically decrease your business costs by 20 percent?

Your profit will immediately increase by 20 percent.


Wait. Can you really reduce your employee costs by 20 percent?

Of course!

That is exactly what this Lagos Nigeria employment agency service offers you --- a unique opportunity to cut employee costs by up to 20 percent . . . and more!

This is the Lagos Nigeria job agency of choice!

The Global Economic Meltdown Is Melting Everything Away. This Is The Time To Cut Costs!

It's no longer news that the economy is depressed and distressed.

job agency Lagos Nigeria

It's also not news that the global economic meltdown has hit Nigeria against predictions that Nigeria is immune to what happens in the global economy.

The reality today is . . .

1. Competition is stiffer especially with cheap imported goods from Asia finding its way to Nigeria

2. Costs are higher as more companies become 100 percent dependent on generators and

3. Increasing sales volume is tough for the already market-challenged sales force

The solution is in part to look inwards and become . . .

  • More efficient
  • More proactive
  • More profit-oriented
  • More waste adverse
  • More technology driven
  • Less human dependent

    . . . and, yes, more value driven by employing value-adding cost effective work force.

    Guess what.

    That's exactly what we offer.

    We are an employment agency, an employment services company, focused on recruiting intelligent result-oriented and value driven men and women who will work efficiently and effectively to deliver to your organization the bottom line your company seeks . . . bigger profit.

    Would your company or organization like to cut employee costs by 20 percent or more?

    Would a 20 percent or more reduction in employee costs add something valuable to your company's profit?

    If yes, sign up for the Seamless Solutions Corporate Fat Burning (CFB) Service .

    Yes! We help your organization burn off that corporate fat so your organization can make more money and please your shareholders!

    How do we do it?

    We start with trimming your employee costs by up to 20 percent.

    20 percent?

    Yes, 20 percent . . . and even more where applicable.

    If you let us, we can even proceed to dig deeper and cut even more cost for your organization in even more areas of your business.

    This is the Lagos Nigeria employment agency of choice!

    Ready to save big on employee costs?

    Simply fill the sign up form below to indicate your interest.

    P.S: This service is currently on hold.

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