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Emergency Exits In Homes - Are You Safe Or Secure?

by samson

Many offices comply to safety regulations by providing emergency exits in office buildings to ease evacuation in times of emergency.

However, the same cannot be said about private homes in Lagos Nigeria and, indeed, in Nigeria as a whole.

Many families are so stuck on security that they forget about safety. This thrust towards security at the expense of safety has often led to huge loss of lives in the event of fire because many homes are like prison houses with heavy security doors and burglary.

For example, a duplex caught fire at night somewhere in Omole estate some months back. All occupants died including a woman that flew in from the UK for a wedding and the bride-to-be.

What disaster!

Security is good, but safety is just as important.

How do you match security and safety so you don't jeopardize your life?

Simple. Provide emergency exits in your home.

A functional emergency exit does not use keys because many people get panicky in emergency situations and cannot do so much as open a locked door even when they have the right keys.

Office emergency doors use push bars that open as soon as you press them. You can use that or a door with a free sliding bolt behind.

The goal of emergency doors is to ensure quick and uninhibited exit during emergency. One push and the door is open.

Remember: Security is good. But safety is priority.

Make your homes safe!

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