Elementary School Lagos Nigeria - Tips For Grooming Smart Kids

Elementary school tips Lagos Nigeria - Elementary schools are the most under-rated and under-valued part of the school system. And the teachers are also the least paid in the industry.


Simple. Parents simply do not understand the value of a prep school or playgroup.

For most parents, playgroup is simply a way to get the kids off the house and off the neck of parents. Parents, especially over-worked mothers, heave a sigh of relief as kids between 1.5 to 5 years are shipped to school.

Kids within that age bracket are about the most difficult to manage and control.

They are often hyperactive and full of life. They want to explore. They want to touch everything, see everything, and scatter as many things as possible.


Hence, starting them early in elementary school . . . like playgroup . . . is a sure and productive way to engage them and keep them busy and constructive.

Here is one fact most parents don't realize yet.

Playgroups do more than teach your children how to play and sing nursery rhymes. It does more.

It sharpens brain activity, engages the appropriate neurons in critical systems development, and establishes connections that aid the child's mental and emotional growth in years to come.

In simple words . . . group activity and exposure at an early age prepares your child for success in life.

Scientists have long recognized that the period between ages 6 months to 5 years are the critical development years where emotions are concretized and systems of learning are developed and horned.

In layman's language, if you get it right with your kids during those formative years, moving through life will be alot easier for them.

So, start your kids early in prep school and playgroup acivity.

Let your kids interact, form relationships, learn music, sing songs, play, dance, scream. It's all part of the learning and development process.

The result?

Mood control, relationship building, teamwork, poise, joy and excitement.

Elementary school play a big role in shaping leaders of tomorrow. We just need to give them the credit and honor they deserve.

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