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Easy home based business advice for parents Lagos Nigeria - Welcome to the home based business advice section for parents.

This article is targeted at parents. And the goal is . . .

1. To teach parents how to start and run an easy home based business and

2. To provide home based business advice that teach parents how to help children make money at home using the internet

The first part of this discussion . . . teaching parents to start and run a home business . . . is easy.

The difficult part is helping parents appreciate the in-born potentials of their children. And how their children can lighten the financial burden on the bread winner by starting an online business based on their potentials . . . an internet business that enables them to make money at home.

You won't find this kind of easy home based business advice anywhere else on the internet.

So, parents, sit up and listen.

Easy Home Based Business - The Steps

The first question that probably crossed your mind when you heard me talking about children who make money at home is . . .

"Is it possible? Can my children really make money at home?"

The simple answer is . . . yes.

Yes, your children can really make money from home . . . from the comfort of your living room or even their bedroom.


By starting a home based internet business following the simple home based business advice I provide.

I call this type of home based business easy home based business because it's dead easy to setup and run. So easy that even students are doing it.


How does it work?

It's pretty simple.

You simply execute the steps below:

1. Choose a subject you love

2. Write an online book (that is, website pages) about this subject using the specific keywords used by internet surfers to search for different aspects of this subject online

3. Submit your online book (or website) to major search engines

4. Promote your website online and

5. Collect money from visitor interactions on your website

Is it this simple?

Of course!

How do I know?

It's because this is what I do for a living.

I am an internet content provider. And I cater for my family using the income from my websites.

You can do the same too. And so can your kids.

If you're perplexed that this simple stuff really works, it's because many websites supposed written by internet gurus try to complicate issues so you can buy one fancy software or another from them.

Trust me . . . this is the best easy home based business advice you will ever get. And it works!

Do Your Kids Know Anything Worth Writing About?

If you look closely, you will find that the procedure I listed above for starting and running this easy home based business model is pretty straightforward and easy to execute.

In fact, it is more or less like writing a book and marketing this book to generate income, except that in this case the book is online.

Guess what.

That is the really cool part.

Your kids will make money at home by writing an online book (a website based on their interests and experiences) and then market the book online . . . all of this happening inside their computer, at home.

This means . . .

  • inventory cost is $0
  • advertising cost is $0
  • labour cost is $0
  • office rent cost is $0

    This is easy home based business indeed!

    At this stage I know you have at least one really big concern.

    I know you're wondering, "What do my children possibly know that is worth writing about? What do they know that can possibly be of any interest to anyone and generate income?"

    This easy home based business advice directory has one message for you.

    The message is this . . .

    "Your children know much more about a lot of things than you realize".

  • your children have seen a lot more movies than you saw at their age
  • your children have visited a lot more places than you visited at their age
  • your children have read a lot more books than you read at their age
  • your children have had personal experiences that you don't know about because you're too engrossed with your job
  • your children have interests and goals you don't know about because you have never cared to ask

    . . . and much more!

    If you can only see a fraction of what a young adult knows, you will be shocked by what you see.

    All of this knowledge, interests and experiences can be turned into profitable business or hobby websites that will enable your young kids (or young adults) make money at home.

    Let me share a real life example with you to drive the point home.

    A 17-year Old Girl Who Makes Over 600,000 Naira From Home Every Month!

    Nori, a Canadian girl, visited the beautiful island country of Anguilla with her parents when she was 14 years old.

    After walking the 33 beaches of Anguilla with her parents, she fell in love with the island.

    To keep the memory alive, she decided to write an online story . . . a website . . . about

  • her love of the island
  • the best restaurants to eat
  • the best flights to Anguilla
  • the best accommodations in Anguilla

    . . . and all the fun stuff that is available in Anguilla for tourists and islanders.

    Now she's 17 years old and she's still writing about her love of Anguilla.

    Guess what.

    Her website is now the most visited Anguilla website in the world.

    Her simple website gets over 15,000 unique visitors every day.

    Website visitors translate into cash. So, how much does she make from her website?

    The website of this 17 year old girl now generates over $4,000 U.S. dollars in revenue every month. That is, over 600,000 Naira every month from just this one website.


    The good part?

    She is just 17 years old. She has not even got into University yet!


    Do you think this teenage girl is smarter than your son or daughter?

    I don't think so.

    My advice?

    Empower your children to create information-rich websites like Nori . . . websites centred around subjects they are passionate about, websites that reflect their dreams, interests, or love.

    The truth is this . . . the internet is not selective about who qualifies to write a great story about a subject.

    It doesn't matter who writes the online story or website content. It doesn't matter whether it was written by you, an adult, or by a young child, your son or daughter.

    The internet will reward the writer with good income if the content or information contained in her website is superb . . . if the website delivers great content with respect to the subject matter in question.

    Therefore age is not a barrier.

    So, if your 14 year old son or daughter writes a powerful piece . . . incredible and touching website content . . . he or she will be rewarded with thousands of website visitors who eventually become raving fans. Then the dollars will begin to roll in . . . just as it does for 17 year old Nori.


    Why am I focusing on children here?

    It is because . . .

    Children Have Some Things Most Parents Don't Have

    Yes, children have some things parents don't have.

    Children have minimal distractions because they do not worry about . . .

  • what to eat
  • where to sleep
  • what to wear
  • how to pay for apartment rent and
  • how to pay for all the bills associated with running a family

    Parents have the heavy responsibility to provide all of the things mentioned above while children sit back and enjoy them.

    Children are big spenders and zero earners!

    Children also have something else most parents don't have.

    Children have time, plenty of time at their disposal .

    What do children do with all this time?

  • they watch movies
  • play computer games
  • visit friends

    . . . and generally waste valuable time on non-essentials.

    When you allow your children to benefit from the easy home based business advice I provide for teenagers and students, you give them an opportunity to channel all of that energy into useful work.

    When you register your children for the easy home based business training I facilitate, you give them an opportunity to create information-rich websites they can be proud of . . . websites that empowers them to make money at home.

    Empower Your Children To Make Money At Home - Lighten Your Financial Burden!

    As you read this, you may think to yourself,

    "I don't want my children working. It's my responsibility to provide for them!".

    But think about this.

    If it's so easy for parents to provide everything children need, why do many parents complain about the . . .

  • high cost of school fees
  • high cost of books
  • high cost of rent and
  • skyrocketing cost of living?

    Why do most parents moan and groan when a new school term or session is about to start?

    Why do most parents get really mad when their landlords tell them to quit their apartments?

    Obviously, most parents need a little financial help even if they're too proud to admit it.

    Think about it.

    Would it hurt you if your 15 year old son is able to generate 100,000 Naira every month from her easy home based business?

    Would you feel terrible if your 17 year old daughter makes as much as 600,000 Naira from home every month, just like Nori mentioned above?

    Here's a fact of life.

    When everyone in the family works hard to make the home clean, the home will be clean.

    Similarly . . .

    When everyone in the family, including your children, contribute something to the family account every month, the family becomes richer NOT poorer.

    My advice?

    Throw pride aside.

    Empower your children to make money at home with my easy home based business advice. When you do, you will lighten the financial burden on yourself.

    There's another benefit when you empower your children financially.

    What benefit?

    You prepare them to become responsible adults.

    Children who devote their time and energies to building information-rich websites centred on a subject they love, do not squander time. And they do not have time to waste on non-essential stuff.

    They become more mature, more responsible, and more valuable.

    More importantly, they get a deep sense of fulfillment and self-satisfaction because they see themselves as valuable members of society.

    Want your children to become more responsible and financially empowered?

    Simply . . .

    Register Them For The Financially Liberating Home Business Training

    I am an SBI online business software consultant in Lagos Nigeria.

    I teach adults and children how to build information rich websites around their love, passion, interests, and experiences. And then teach them how to make money at home from their content rich websites.

    I call this the easy home based business advice ever.

    Let me rephrase that so it makes more sense to the average person reading this.

    I teach adults and students how to build high traffic information rich websites around subjects they love. And how to generate income from their high traffic website.

    This is my passion. And I teach it professionally to anyone willing to learn and become financially independent.

    If you want to empower your children financially, register them for this home based business course.

    The online business software I use to make money at home is SBI. And this is the very same software I will train your children to use.

    Course Duration And Timing

    This course is a 3-day course.

    Week day classes

    Date: You choose

    Time: 9am - 2pm on each course day

    Days: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

    Weekend Classes

    3 Saturdays: Choose

    Time: 9am - 2pm each Saturday

    Course Fee (1-4 attendees): =N=145,000 per participant(includes the cost of 1 year subscription to SBI online business software priced at $299 USD)

    Course Fee (10 attendees & Above): =N=95,000 per participant (includes the cost of 1 year subscription to SBI online business software priced at $299 USD)

    Course Venue: Your choice

    Payments: Pay directly into the company's bank account.

    Contact us to get our company account number when you're ready.

    Course Requirements

    Pre-requisites for this easy home based business course includes:

    1. Ability to write simple English and compose sentences equivalent to typing a letter on a computer. If you know how to write comprehension or essays, you're qualified.

    2. Students or participants MUST come with their own laptop for the training

    3. Participant laptops must have internet connection

    4. Students or participants MUST be at least in SS2 and above (University and polytechnic students are welcome)

    Fill the form below to register your children for this liberating easy home based business course.

    You will be glad you did.

    P.S: This training has been replaced with the more lucrative health and wellness business opportunity with the potential to earn as much as $25,000 USD per month.

    Fill the form below to join the international health and wellness business opportunity.

    NOTE: You need capital to start this business. The start-up capital is =N=142,000. Do not bother filling the form below if you do not have the capital to start the business.

    Send Me Details

    Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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