Earn 17 Million Naira In 90 Days or Less

Become A Multi-Millionaire! Say Goodbye To Poverty!

This article shows you how to earn 17 million Naira in 90 days or less from real estate business, working part-time or full-time.

You probably think that is impossible because the Nigerian economy has been in recession for awhile now.

What recession means in practice is that most people are no longer able to make ends meet.

The prices of goods (and even foodstuff) has skyrocketed to the point where even company employees are discovering that their salary is now able to buy only about half of what it used to buy.

It is as if most people are now earning about half of what they use to earn because their salary is only able to buy about half of what it used to buy.

Bottom line.

Life in Nigeria, for most people, is tougher than it used to be.

The Other Side of The Coin - The Multi-Million Naira Earners

Here's the sad reality.

While life is getting tougher for many employees, thousands of Nigerians are RIGHT NOW buying properties in Lagos Nigeria worth hundreds of millions of Naira.

Just last month, one of my fellow real estate consultant got a client who bought 70 plots of land from one of our estates in Ibeju Lekki Lagos.

The price per plot for that particular estate was 7 million Naira at the time. 70 plots is 490 million Naira.

That consultant earned 15% of 490 million Naira as commission. That is a commission of 73.5 million Naira on that single transaction.

Real Estate - The New Gold

Now pause and think about the above real-life story.

Do you honestly think the lady who facilitated the sale of that property and earned 73.5 million will complain of recession in Nigeria?

Of course, not.

Bottom line.

Real estate is the new gold.

Thousands of people are buying property in Ibeju Lekki Lagos because of the presence of the Lekki free trade zone that is expected to skyrocket the price of real estate in that area when it is fully operational.

Guess what.

Your friends are buying property there too without your knowledge.

The good news is . . . you now have an opportunity to earn commission from the properties sold in that area by partnering with the companies that own estates in Ibeju Lekki Lagos, irrespective of where you live in Nigeria or outside Nigeria.

Your friends and acquaintances in Nigeria and overseas need properties in Nigeria. And you can become the link that introduce them to these properties and, hence, earn sizable commission in the process.

Yes, real estate is a recession-buster. Real estate is the new gold.

The Challenge - Earn 17 Million Naira In 90 Days Or Less

So, who do you know in Nigeria and overseas who have the capacity to buy one or more plots of land?

Talk to them, persuade them to invest in Ibeju Lekki Lagos and you could earn up to 17 million Naira commission in 90 days or less.


Well, let's consider one of the estates we sell.

1 plot of land in that estate is 16.2 million Naira.

If you're able to find an investor who buys just 7 plots of land in that estate, you would have facilitated a sale of 113.2 million Naira.

This particular real estate company pays a commission of 15% of the transaction to consultants when they refer a customer to the company.

15% of 113.2 million Naira is 17 million Naira commission.

Yes, you can earn a commission of 17 million Naira just by finding a customer who can buy 7 plots of land from this estate. And you can accomplish that in 90 days or less if you set it as a goal.

With that kind of return on your time investment, you will never complain about recession in Nigeria ever again!

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