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Lagos Nigeria

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Duplex for rent Lagos Nigeria.

This page contains list of duplex for rent in Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki, Ajah, VGC, and environs.

Click HERE to see mainland duplex available for rent.

Island Duplex - The List

1. 5 bedroom detached house + 2 room BQ at parkview ikoyi

price: =N=8.5m

code: vip05.159

2. Newly renovated serviced 3 bedroom duplex + BQ at Victoria Island


code: vip05.161

3. 4 bedroom duplex all room ensuite + 2 rooms BQ at lekki 1


code: vip05.162

4. 4 nos 4 bedroom terrace house on a tarred road, fully serviced + swimming pool at lekki 1

price:=$35,000; $10,000 service charge

code: vip05.167

5. 6 nos 3 bedroom town house off alpha beach lekki


code: vip05.14

6. 6 nos 3 bedroom town house off alpha beach lekki

price:=N=1.5m per house

code: vip05.14

7. 4 bedroom detached house all room ensuite + swimming pool, 2 rooms BQ at victoria island


code: vip05.196

8. New 5 bedroom semi detached house + 2 rooms BQ at lekki 1


code: vip05.197

9. A tastefully finished 5 bedroom detached house at treasure garden lekki


code: vip05.200

10. 5 bedroom detached house at vgc (water front)


code: vip05.201

11. 3 bedroom bungalow in a mini estate at lekki


code: vip05.202

12. 2 wings of 5 bedroom duplex at lekki 1


code: vip05.203

13. 4 nos 3 bedroom town house at banana island ikoyi


code: vip05.107

14. 5 nos 5 bedroom duplex at alpha beach road lekki


code: vip05.56

Why A Duplex?

Why live in a duplex anyway?

Well, it's cool. It's luxurious. It's fulfilling.

A duplex is spacious enough for the largest of families. The minimum size of a duplex in Lagos Nigeria is the equivalent of 2 No. 3 bedroom flats on a land equivalent to 335 square meters. A two-winged duplex would have a minimum of twice this size.

A duplex for rent - and indeed, any duplex in Lagos Nigeria - is built for the upper class . . . upper income earners . . . of society. Consequently, many come with boys quarters that often serve as servant quarters.

Here's a breakdown of the most common designs of duplexes you will find in Lagos Nigeria.

Lagos Nigeria Duplex - Common designs

The ground floor often houses . . .

  • A spacious sitting room
  • A tastefully designed and roomy kitchen
  • Visitors' toilet
  • A dinning hall
  • A bar

    . . . and anything else that serves the needs of a visitor.

    The top floor is for everything the family uses. This often include . . .

  • A minimum of four bedrooms
  • A minimum of one master bedroom (ensuite). Sometimes all bedrooms are ensuite.
  • A minimum of two toilets and two baths
  • Water heater
  • A dinning hall

    . . . and anything else that catches the fancy of the designer.

    However, in most cases, how much extra stuff is included in the design depends on the exposure of the property owner.

    Duplex For Rent - What Does It Cost?

    Rent varies from location to location and even within the same location.

    Factors that determine pricing includes . . .

  • Perception of the value of the property
  • Perception of the value of the location
  • closeness to a busy bus stop
  • Perception of the property owner
  • Facilities available in the property e.g. swimming pool etc.

    Should you rent a duplex?

    If you have the means, why not?

    See list of duplex for rent above.

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