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Dog house Lagos Nigeria - Most Nigeria real estate owners do not make provision for dog house when they construct their property. This could be due to the fact that the majority of Nigerians do not own dogs. In fact, there are few houses in Lagos that actually have houses dedicated to dogs.

As you know, the prevalent culture in an area, state, or country is driven by the habits of the people who live in that community. So, the fact that most landlords do not make provision for a special area for dogs is indicative of the fact that Nigerians are generally not pet addicts.

The simple truth is . . . building a dog house is the last thing that crosses the mind of the typical landlord in Lagos.

Most Lagos landlords try to use every space available within their property for some sort of accommodation. For example, a Lagos Nigeria real estate owner may build a rental property of, say, a block of four units of 3 bedroom flat within a land area of 668 square metres. That is phase 1. Thereafter, he may add another unit of 2 bedroom boys quarters behind it, which may or may not be a storey building.

As the years role by and he makes sizeable income from his residential real estate, he realizes that he can still milk some more money from his property. So, he squeezes in another two room self-contain apartment or three single room units sharing a single toilet, bathroom, and kitchen.

The end result is that the compound or property is sprawling with buildings and people . . . numerous tenants squeezed into a small land area. All this while during the building construction and upgrade or re-design, the property owner gives no consideration to the issue of cross-ventilation or the health of potential tenants.

You will find many buildings like this in Lagos Nigeria. Funny enough, people still jostle to rent these apartment buildings because of cost considerations . . . some of these houses are cheap housing alternatives in relation to the locations they are sited.

Now, what happens when someone rents a property without a dog house and the tenant has a dog?

Well, for many Nigerians who own dogs, the dogs don't have special dwelling places especially since most landlords do not make that provision in their property. So many Nigerian dogs roam the streets and return when they have eaten to their satisfaction on the streets of Lagos.

For property owners who took my "build your own home" advice and who live in the property they built and have dogs, they naturally make provision for a dog house. When they build a bigger or better house or are compelled to relocate to another apartment close to where they work, the new tenants inherit the provision they made for dog accommodation.

But what if the tenant is a dog owner who does not allow his dog to roam the streets for food . . . someone close and nice to his dog but now has rented an apartment without provision for dogs?

In this case, many of such tenants end up using the generator house as the dog house and then house their generator on the verandah of the building.

This is not a good arrangement because many buildings have caught fire when residents who use petrol for their generator mismanage it, resulting in an explosion that burns down the house.

Sure, not every Nigerian has a dog. But as the foregoing shows, those who have 'clean dogs' desire a place to house them within the residential building. And if you, the landlord don't provide one, they will improvise. And the substitute they may use, may or may not pay you.

Bottom line.

Give this some careful thought. And do the right thing.

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