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Diseases In Nigeria Africa - Common Diseases & Prevention Methods. Free Health Tips.

diseases in nigeria africa

Diseases in Nigeria Africa - Welcome to the Nigeria health forum.

The purpose of this Lagos Nigeria health forum is to analyze health issues in Lagos Nigeria (and all over Nigeria) and proffer solutions that work.

So, if you're a health practitioner or you have had any health issues while living in Nigeria (as a tourist, expatriate, citizen or resident), please share your experience about diseases in Nigeria in this forum and what solution worked for you.

If you're a foreigner thinking of visiting Nigeria, one of the first concerns you will have is concern about your health. You're likely going to ask the question, "what diseases are common in Nigeria and how do I protect myself from these diseases?"

Let's go straight to the point.

There are two common diseases in Nigeria . . . Malaria and typhoid fever.

Malaria has been described as a silent killer because it is one of those diseases that causes the most deaths in Africa and yet, it is the least talked about in local and international press.


Simple. HIV/AIDs (and related popular diseases) have stolen the show.

HIV/AIDs have received about the biggest publicity than any other disease in recent times. And with so much attention and resources poured into dealing with HIV/AIDs, many have tended to underestimate the devastating power of Malaria.

The above reflects another reason why Malaria and typhoid are so deadly . . . people underestimate its power to take human life.

The truth is . . . thousands of innocent adults and children lose their lives to the deadly disease in Nigeria called Malaria. But still, people generally do not think malaria or typhoid could result in death.

That is why malaria is a silent killer!

Wait. Why do people not take malaria as seriously as they take HIV/AIDs?

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The simple answer is this . . . malaria and typhoid are common diseases in Nigeria. And they are diseases with known cure.

Therefore, people generally feel it's no big deal when they have malaria. There is a cure, except that a lot of people don't go for the cure until it's too late.

Treating Malaria And Typhoid Diseases

When you're infected with the malaria parasite and you have malaria, the symptoms will likely include:

  • general weakness of the body
  • joint pain
  • feverish feelings
  • cold
  • catarrh and
  • headache

You may have all or some of the above symptoms when you have malaria or typhoid.

How do you know if it's malaria or typhoid disease you have?

Your medical doctor will request the laboratory to conduct a simple medical test to determine which of these common diseases in Nigeria you have.

Here's the problem with a lot of people.

Since Malaria is a common disease, many people feel that visiting a medical doctor for prescription is a waste of time and money because . . .

1. It cost more to see a medical doctor in a private hospital or clinic and

2. The government hospitals that offer free consulting are often overcrowded

Therefore most people resort to buying their favorite malaria drugs from the local pharmacist who will not insist on seeing a doctor's prescription before selling to customers.

Often these drugs cure them of the malaria disease and they save on the cost of hospital bill.

However, sometimes their simple self-medication does not work.

They take the first dose of anti-malarial and they still remain sick. Then they take the second dose and it still does not solve their health problems. They wait several days or weeks more to see if the situation will improve. When the situation does not improve, they finally seek help from a qualified medical doctor. But then, many times, it may be too late.

One 17 year old young man lost his life that way because his parents kept treating him for malaria. When he didn't get better after several tries, they finally took him to the hospital to see a doctor. At that time he was already dying.

The doctors found he had an acute case of typhoid, which had eaten up his intestinal walls.

The doctors tried to save his life but the typhoid disease had done too much damage. And the young man had gone beyond the point where doctors had the capacity to rescue him.

The death of this young man was a big loss for his family.

My advice?

See a doctor when you have symptoms of malaria. If you do decide that what you have is simply malaria and go for self-medication (which is not recommended), be sure to visit to your doctor after the first dose of a malaria drug fails to get you back to normal.

Malaria and typhoid fever are deadly diseases. Don't underestimate them.

Other Diseases In Nigeria

Other diseases in Nigeria that are beginning to gain in popularity are diabetes and arthritis.

Why are they gaining in popularity?

The major reason is because Nigerians living in the cities have essentially undergone a lifestyle change.

Over a century ago, Nigerians were known for living close to nature. Each family in the local Nigerian villages had large expanse of land for farming. And so, we ate a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, and anything nature had to offer.

Our secondary occupation in Nigeria was fishing and hunting. So, we ate a lot of fresh fish and bush animals.

Guess what.

We were super healthy and lived pretty long.

Then came city life and white collar jobs. City life held a lot of promise for young men and women. And so they abandoned the local villages in search of a better life, greener pastures.

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Sadly, only about 5 percent of these young men and women get to the top level of corporate success they dream of.

The other 95 percent of office workers just get by with small salaries that is not enough to pay all the bills imposed upon them by city life.

The result?

Imbalanced diet. Too much carbohydrate in their meals. Stress.

This gives birth to diabetes and associated diseases.

The truth is . . . more and more people are coming down with diabetes in Nigeria. And more and more people are having to deal with diseases in Nigeria associated with malnutrition.

Since we have become accustomed to city life and going back to the Nigeria villages to get close to nature is not an option for many residents of Nigeria, the solution is therefore to learn a new diet structure that will help us stay healthier and not fall to the dangerous claws of diabetes, arthritis, malnutrition (or imbalanced diet) and associated diseases.

In simple words . . . eat right and use the best diet supplements you can lay your hands on to maintain optimum health.

Visit the diabetes forum, arthritis forum, and vitamin supplements forum for more details.

Stay healthy! Be happy!  

P.S: I personally recommend that people supplement their family's diet with appropriate nutrition supplements available in Nigeria. Click HERE to contact us and learn about the nutrition supplement we recommend.

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