Disclaimer - Beware of Lagos Nigeria Fraudsters!

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Disclaimer: Many fraudsters are operating in Lagos Nigeria. And these miscreants prey on the innocence of unsuspecting clients. So, if anyone claims to work for us, please confirm this with the managing director & CEO of Erimama Investment Company Ltd, Samson Itoje.

Beware of fraudsters!

For the avoidance of doubt, the principal officers of the company are:

CEO - Samson Itoje (07086459367, 08033290430, 08057912607)

Purchasing Director - Ngozi Itoje

Nigeria Real Estate Investing 101

Lagos Nigeria Advance Fee Fraud - The 419 Coalition

There are fraudsters in every culture, every country. Lagos Nigeria is no different.

In Nigeria these fraudsters are referred to as 419 gang . . . the 419 coalition. And they are usually identified by their demand for an advance fee in return for letting you in on a scheme or deal that will see you getting a cut that runs into millions of dollars.

In some cases, you receive an SMS message congratulating you as one of the winners in a promo. And that you should come and claim your prize running into millions of Naira or dollars. The catch is that you have to pay a certain amount to the organization before you claim your prize.

Don't fall for that cheap trick.

Hey, you can't win a prize if you did not enter into a competition. I guess you already know that. That not withstanding, a good number of people still fall prey to this cheap trick.

Beware of fraudsters!.

Any deal that promises to earn you millions of dollars with little or no work is usually fraudulent.

Remember . . .

"If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is".

Be smart. Be wise.

Protect your hard-earned money!

Earnings Disclaimer

This Lagos Nigeria real estate web site presents a number of income opportunities.

Each income opportunity presented on this site has the potential to earn you the income level claimed. We know because we take time to calculate possible income levels under various scenarios.

However, there is no guarantee that the possible income scenarios will happen in your case. There is no guarantee or warranty that you will make any money from the business opportunities promoted on this site.

ALL the income opportunities presented on this web site requires hard work, creativity, leadership, and persistence to generate the income levels possible with each system.

You also need to invest your hard earned cash, your time and other resources to generate leads (or prospects) and convert those prospects to paying customers.

Since a good number of people . . .

  • Are poor business people (or have no idea how to run a business)
  • Are poor at business promotion and
  • Often do absolutely nothing after joining a business opportunity

. . . there is a likelihood that you may not generate any income when you invest in any of the income opportunities promoted on this site. There is also a likelihood that you may generate good income from the business opportunities promoted on this site . . . if you learn the unique ART of . . .

  • Understanding your potential customers
  • Running business promotions that target the needs of your target market
  • Follow up on leads to understand their concerns
  • Answer potential sale stoppers creatively and
  • Close the sale when you should

Get the point?

Business success (making money from any business opportunity) requires hard work, creativity, investment of time and resources, and patience and persistence.

If you do not possess any of the qualities mentioned above, don't bother to join any income opportunity promoted on this site. You will lose your money if you do.

If you're looking for income opportunities where you will earn millions of Naira or millions of dollars without doing any work, you're on the wrong site. You may as well leave now.

For all those who understand that business requires . . .

  • Investment of cash
  • Investment of time and
  • Investment of resources

. . . study the income opportunities below (and those listed on other pages of this site). And join the business opportunity that appeals to you.

Some Income Opportunities

Below are some income opportunities.

Make your choice.

Best Home Business Opportunity

Vacancy For Distributors

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