Demolished Property Lagos Nigeria

"The sight of demolished property is not a pleasant one. Property demolition turns the stomach of any sane individual".

The feeling is even more disturbing when you're present at the scene of the property demolition. Before your very eyes you see your neighbour's hard earned money going down the drain.

This could have been your fate if you bought land on state owned property.

Wait. Did you?

If you did, you made a huge mistake.

State property or government owned property) is a wrong buy if you're buying from touts and not direct from the state government or from someone who bought from the government and has a C of O to back his claim.

How bad can this be?

The pictures of government property demolition exercise below tell the whole story.

The building you see below was a block of 4 flats with exquisite interior finishing built on a full plot of land somewhere in Ayobo Lagos Nigeria.

demolished building lagos nigeria

The building was a delight to behold. You can't pass by and not notice it.

Unfortunately, it was built on state land.

How could that be? Didn't the home owner know?

Well, it was said that the government placed signs in several places within the large expanse of state land indicating that the property belongs to the state government.

But sometime in the not too distant past, the Omoniles (son of the owner of the land, natives) came and removed the state sign boards and started selling the land to unsuspecting victims.

And people bought in droves believing that nothing will happen.

But then, one bright morning, government bulldozers rolled in and started pulling down the illegal structures. Sadly, this beautiful building was also pulled down.

Here is a vital lesson for real estate investors in Lagos Nigeria.

Don't buy any property unless you first determine the status of the land title with the state ministry of lands and surveys.

Otherwise, you could lose your investment. Be wise.

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