Customer Relationship Management Software Lagos Nigeria

by samson itoje

customer relationship management software

customer relationship management software

Your business needs a customer relationship management software if you want your customers to get the best customer service experience possible.

The problem is this . . .

Many big companies have customer complaints which include:

1) Long wait times

2) Shallow knowledge of how to resolve certain issues by customer service reps and

3) Overall poor customer service experience from the perspective of clients

How do many of these companies respond?

Most of them respond by hiring more customer service representatives (or customer support specialists).

Guess what.

In more than 50 percent of cases, those customer complaints still do not disappear.

The Customer Relationship Management Dilemma

What do most companies do next when they realise employing more customer service coordinators does not fix the problem?

Some go ahead and employ a customer insights manager (or customer service specialist) to try to dig deeper into the root cause of the problem with the hope of finding a lasting solution.

Some companies even go a step further by appointing a director of customer service because they believe they will get better result by getting the highest level of management involved in dealing with customer service issues. All in a bid to give their customers the best possible customer experience.

Why do companies spend so much money on improving customer service standards?

Simple. It is because the customer is king.

You see, irrespective of whether your company is based in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in the country, the customer is still king.

More customers = More money for the company

Dwindling number of customers = Less and less money for the company

Customer Experience Management For Greater Profit

Here is something more and more companies in Lagos Nigeria (and the entire country) need to understand.

Great customer service experience, from the stand point of the customer, is not all about wait times.

It is about . . .

1) Timeliness

2) Accuracy of information given

3) Quality of support and

4) 24/7 availability of support

This means that hiring more customer care advisors, more customer care executives, or more customer support specialists is not the solution.

Your customers want (and deserve) instant response, 24/7 customer service . . . and every day of the week, including weekends.

How do you accomplish that?

Should you employ more customer service representatives or associates so your company can run 3 shift system for its customer service team?

Of course, not!

Employing more people in customer service means higher labour cost and less profitability for your company.

The solution?

Deploy a customer relationship management software!

Best Customer relationship Management Software In Lagos Nigeria

The best customer experience management strategy is instant replies to all enquiries.

Guess what.

That is only possible using a customer relationship management software.

The good news is . . . we provide companies in Lagos Nigeria (and all over Nigeria) a unique customer experience management software that provides instant replies to customer enquiries 24/7 via Facebook Messenger.

Simply provide us a list of all the questions (or complaints) that your customers usually have along with all the answers and our customer relationship software will automatically supply them those answers in a conversational style in Facebook messenger.

Want less customer complaints and higher customer retention?

Simply deploy our customer relationship management software for your business.

Click HERE to get the FREE demo link for our customer relationship management software

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