Customer Loyalty Programs Lagos Nigeria

by samson

Customer Loyalty Programs Lagos Nigeria

Customer Loyalty Programs Lagos Nigeria

The goal of customer loyalty programs in Lagos Nigeria (and everywhere else) is to get your customers to fall in love with your products or services and return again and again to buy from you (instead of buying from your competitors).

What makes customers want to buy from a particular business over and over again when there are several (or many) other businesses selling the same products or services?

Some of the factors that enhance customer loyalty include:

1) The quality of the product or service

2) The delivery efficiency of the product or service

3) The trustworthiness of the business owner

4) The personal touch of the business owner

5) The quality of customer service (or after sales support) of the business

6) The ambience of the business environment

Customer loyalty programs must be designed to take into consideration all of the above, since all of them have some impact on how loyal your customers will be to your business.

Thinking of starting a business?

Make sure your business is setup with the above list in mind.

Already have a business and thinking of setting up some sort of customer loyalty program?


Review the items in the above list for starters.

How To Build Customer Loyalty

Have you noticed that some businesses seem to have many of the items in the above list but still struggle with getting and retaining customers?

Yes, it is true.

You can offer a great product (or service) as well as offer great customer support and still not have very loyal customers, especially if your business is in a very competitive industry.

Think about this for a moment.

Imagine that you have 5 top restaurants in Lagos Nigeria where you love to eat.

All 5 restaurants serve excellent food, have great ambience and customer service is top notch.

You sort of equally love these 5 restaurants in Lagos. And you eat at one of them every now and then depending on your mood.

Now think about this.

One day you stop to eat at one of these your top 5 restaurants in Lagos.

The cashier informs you that they now have a customer loyalty program where you can win amazing prizes when you accumulate points with each visit.

Suppose for a moment that the customer loyalty program for this restaurant is such that you can participant in a draw after 7 visits. And that gives you a chance to win an amazing prize.

Pause and think.

Is there a chance that you will consider eating at this particular restaurant in Lagos with this customer loyalty program the next 7 times?


What has influenced you to visit over and over again?

Simple. There is a prize to be won and you want to give yourself an opportunity to be the winner.

Bottom line.

Customer loyalty programs that include some sort of reward can give your business some edge over others in the same industry as you.

Customer Loyalty Program Software

Setting up, running and tracking customer loyalty programs can be tedious and time consuming.

So, how do you ensure you run a cost-effective customer loyalty program?

Simple. Use a customer loyalty program software.

Customer loyalty software helps you keep . . .

1) A database of your customers

2) Track the number of times they buy from you

3) Allocate points based on the number of times they buy from your business (or the total Naira amount of their purchase) and

4) Automatically deliver the prize to customers who win

Using a customer loyalty software empowers businesses like yours to run their customer loyalty programs on auto pilot.

Want to grow your business?

Want your customers coming again and again to buy from you?

Use our customer loyalty program software.

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of our customer loyalty program software.

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