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Crude Oil In Nigeria - A Blessing or A Curse? Free Tips For Nigerians

Crude oil in Nigeria is seen as a blessing by some Nigerians while some others see it as a curse. Nigerians on either side of the divide have passionate reasons for feeling the way they do. And you have to respect their feelings.

The first category of people who think crude oil has been a blessing to Nigeria are obviously people who have benefited from the discovery of this
natural resource in the Nigerian soil. Countless politicians have been made fat from the huge revenue from this material that has become the primary
foreign exchange earner for Nigeria.

The mansions built by Nigeria politicians, past and present, is a testimony to the immense revenue generating power of crude oil.

These state-of-the-art complexes tell the story better than anyone can. They are edifices that have been made possible by drilling and manufacturing efforts of Nigeria oil companies.

However, Nigerians on the other side of the divide, especially our fellow countrymen in the Niger Delta, haven't been so blessed. Daily they see and live the negative impact oil exploration has had on their environment. Gas flaring has added insult to injury further compounding the problem of residents of the area.

Daily the oil companies in the Niger delta area of Nigeria discharge massive fumes into the atmosphere as they flare gas every second, every minute,
and every hour of the day. The fear in the atmosphere is unmistakable.

The discovery and subsequent exploration of crude oil has certainly not benefited the Niger Delta people of Nigeria. Considering the amount of wealth
that emanates from the Niger Delta, every Niger delta child should be on scholarship.

  • the roads ought be "streets of gold"
  • the schools ought to be air-conditioned
  • the markets ought to be world class
  • the real estate architecture ought to be the best the world can offer
  • the public transportation system ought to be state of the art
  • the public water supply ought to be pure as spring water and delivered to every home 24/7
  • the electricity ought to be available 24/7

Right now the opposite is what obtains in the Niger delta.

Yes, the discovery of oil in the Niger delta areas of Nigeria has been more of a curse than a blessing for the people, the Nigerians, who reside there.

All hope is not lost. Perhaps the Nigerian government can pay more attention to fulfilling the aspirations of the Niger delta people. They deserve
to get more amenities than they are currently getting.

Ultimately, it is only God's kingdom that is the panacea to all human problems. And that includes the challenges faced by the Niger delta people.

The king of God's kingdom, Jesus Christ, is fair and just. He will cause justice to be done to all without partiality.

Take heart. Have faith. Follow the cause of truth.

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