Crime Rate In Nigeria - Free Tips To Deal With Armed Robbery Attacks, Pickpockets, Shoplifting, And 419.

Crime rate in Nigeria has risen over the years. Cases of armed robbery attacks, pickpockets, and shoplifting have increased due to increased poverty among the population.

The truth is . . . the crime rate in any country is directly tied to the level of poverty of the people in the country.

The unemployment rate in Nigeria is high. Thousands of graduates leave school without hope of getting a decent job. And social services are not available to those without jobs. And millions of people watch as corrupt leaders loot the country's treasury.

This compounds the problems of the poor and unemployed. And many of these ones turn to crime as a way to make ends meet or in defiance of the society that have failed to provide their basic needs.

The reasons for increase in the crime rate in Nigeria discussed above is not meant to justify the actions of those who perpetuate armed robbery or those of pickpockets and people involved with shoplifting.

Instead, it's simply to highlight the fact that things are worse than they use to be and the reason for this.

The good news is . . . the rate of armed robbery attacks especially in Lagos Nigeria has dropped drastically. Some say that this is the case because the youngsters who get involved with this attacks have a new and less dangerous way to make money.

What way is that?

It is through 419 or advance fee fraud.

The guys involved with 419 or advance fee fraud in Nigeria are people who want a quick buck. These Nigerians are willing to sell their soul to the devil to make ends meet.

My advice?

Don't send any money to someone whom you do not know. And don't fall for messages from people who tell you that you have won a prize or a lottery when you did not play a game.

How To Protect Yourself From Pickpockets, Shoplifting Experts, And Other Criminals

Many people are easy prey for pickpockets and shoplifting.


People who carry a lot of cash and walk through thick human traffic are likely to be hit by pickpockets.

Similarly, people who own a shop and sell stuff are likely to be hit by shoplifters who come in at busy hours when the shop owner is too busy to notice them.

A lot of big shop owners now have shop attendants on every row to keep tabs of customers who come into the shop and what they pick up from the shelves.

A great way to keep shoplifting under control is to have surveillance cameras covering the entire shopping area.

with respect to pickpockets, be sure to carry minimum cash. In fact, migrate to the cashless world where you pay for goods and services using your card. This is a great way to stop losing money and valuables to pickpockets.

Another thing.

Be attentive wherever you are. Criminals are very smart people. To catch them or escape their net, you need to be equally that smart.

About arm robbery attacks.

Most armed robbery attacks are based on information from someone who knows you to someone who is into criminal acts.

For example, if you bring a lot of cash home, you can be sure you will soon be a victim of armed robbery attack.

Who would this terrible guys know you have money at home?

Someone close to you will likely betray your confidence when he knows you have a lot of cash at home. The informant could be your driver, cook, security personnel, or anyone else close to you.

So to avoid being a victim of armed robbery attacks . . .

  • don't keep large cash at home
  • don't talk to people about yourself and your family. Instead discuss issues
  • choose your friends wisely


    Crime Rate And Visitors To Nigeria

    If you are visiting Nigeria you've likely heard stories about the crime rate in Nigeria including kidnapping, 419 (or advance fee fraud), pickpockets, shoplifting, and more.

    If you are a foreigner visiting Nigeria, you're likely to be scared silly.

    However, let me assure you this . . . it's not as bad as many people think. Lagos Nigeria is safe place. Just take the following precaution:

    1. Don't disclose your itinerary to strangers

    2. Use the car hire service of the hotel you are lodged in

    3. Book a hotel in advance and drive straight to your hotel from the airport

    4. Use car hire services so you can be taken through town in your own hired car

    5. Don't try to reap where you did not sow (you cannot win a lottery unless you played it)

    6. Keep the windows up when driving in traffic

    The Nigerian people love visitors and tourists. I have no doubt that you will enjoy your stay in Nigeria.

    Simply take the same precautions you will take when dealing with strangers.

    Crime Rate In Nigeria - Statistics, Solutions, And Opinions

    Crime is nobody's friend. It can happen at any time.

    Have some statistics? Know of places people should be wary of? Know of any danger spots?

    Have a solution you want to share?

    Share any statistical data you have, possible solutions, and your views and opinions using the form below.

    Guess what.

    It's Free!

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