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Create Your Own Blog – Free Nigeria blog Tips – Benefits. How To Start.

Solid Advice To Earn Money From Home Through Blogging

Create your own blog right here in Nigeria.

That is my advice to anyone who is a . . .

  • Student
  • Lecturer
  • Business owner
  • Journalist
  • Reporter
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Engineer
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Teenager
  • Job seeker

. . . and anyone who wants recognition, self fulfillment, financial freedom, or self satisfaction.

Why is it important to create your own blog anywhere you live in Nigeria or in the world?

The reason is simple.

When you own a blog, you own an e-magazine . . . an online magazine that publishes information relevant to a particular audience.

In simple words . . . when you create your own blog, you create your own version of popular Nigerian magazines like The Guardian, BusinessDay, The SUN, Financial Times, and even Cnn.com.

create your own blog in nigeria free blog advice make money from home

What does this mean in practical terms?

It means you create a voice for yourself . . . you create a medium to express yourself and share your interests, experience, perspective, and innovation and creativity with the world.

No one can tell you what to say and not to say!

The Amazing Benefits of Having
Your Own Blog

So, what are the benefits of having your own blog?

Why create your own blog?

There are several unique benefits to creating a blog centred around what you love to talk about.

First, you achieve fulfillment and self satisfaction because a blog gives you an opportunity to . . .

  • Promote your business
  • Promote your organization (profit or non-profit)
  • Promote your beliefs (e.g. political blog, football blog, legal blog etc)
  • Share your ideas with the world
  • Build loyal following and have fans all over the world
  • Become a self publisher
  • Sell your e-manuals online
  • Sell your music online and worldwide
  • Sell your videos online and worldwide
  • Get sponsors for your NGO all over Nigeria and worldwide
  • Get donations for your NGO all over Nigeria and from international organizations
  • Drum up support for your LIVE SHOWs (e.g. project fame, Nigerian Idol etc)
  • Drum up support for your project (e.g. research project etc)
  • Build a database of your fans and sell to them again and again (e.g. music artist web site, actor/actress web site etc)

. . . and earn money from home using your computer.

Bottom line.

There are endless possibilities when you create your own blog.

It has the potential to make you popular, famous, successful, and even financially free.

The Technical Headache of
Starting A Blog

Millions of people in Nigeria and all over the world understand the unique benefits of having a personal or business blog. And they really wish they had one like yesterday.

Unfortunately, they are stopped in their tracks when they consider the technical headache associated with starting a blog.

For starters, to start a unique brand name blog, you need to understand a bit of . . .

  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) - Language used for building web site pages
  • A bit of PHP (computer language used for blogs)
  • How blog hosting work and
  • MYSQL database issues

Learning all of that takes time and work. And most people are just not prepared for that.

By the way, all you want to do is create your own blog and share your interests, ideas, and business with your target audience and your fans. You don't want to be a computer geek!

Is there a blog creation service that helps you scale this hurdle?

Yes! And that service is WordPress . . . the simplest blog creation software in the world!

Want a blog that has the potential to make you good money?

We highly recommend you use the Solo Build It! for WordPress plugin for your WordPress blog anywhere you live in Nigeria or the world.

Click HERE to learn more about Solo Build It! for WordPress.

Double Or Triple Your Money!

Would you like to double or triple your money?

If yes, Click HERE for details.

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