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How To Create A Website In Nigeria - Free Tips To Build A Web Site That Make Money

Generate Residue Income And Live Happily. Location Is No Problem!

How to create a website in Lagos Nigeria and wherever else you live in the world.

There is so much misinformation on the internet about how to create a website. So, if you are not careful, you may be lured into investing in a system that promises to deliver "loads of money into your bank account in six months or less". 

But sooner or later, you will discover that many of these systems used to create a web site do not work, they do not make you money. The only people who profit from these schemes are those selling you the system.

That is despicable!

Indeed, it is. That is why you should be careful not to fall for these Get Rich Quick schemes that offer you software to create a website that will make you millions in minutes. You will simply end up losing money.

The truth is . . . Get Rich Quick (GRQ) schemes do not work. So, if you are investing your hard-earned money in some internet business scheme that will help you quickly make huge loads of money off the internet, you're wasting your time.

create a website

How does this relate to how to create a website?


I am telling you this upfront to help you make the right decision when you finally decide to build a web site of your own.

Since there is so much misinformation about how to create a web site that generates income, let's start this discussion by looking at what to watch out for when choosing a software to create a website.

This is absolutely critical to the success of your web site because "fraudsters and false internet gurus" make the loudest noise. And so, if you're not careful, they may suck you into their trap.

Choosing A Web Site Builder - Three Things To Watch Out For

Companies that promote web site builders that won't bring in the cash . . . web site builders that won't make you money . . . use four popular words to capture innocent people who are new to the internet.

The words that easily lure people searching for a system to create a website (or build a web site) are . . .

  • Cheap
  • Free
  • Quick
  • Easy

Since companies know people want instant gratification . . . the Cheap, the Quick, and the Easy . . . these internet companies and marketers, exploit this to their advantage. Let's take a closer look at these and the implication for your web site building efforts.

1. Cheap or FREE

'Cheap' and 'free' are two words you should be afraid of when you browse the internet, especially when you're thinking of how to create a website.


The reason is this . . . no long-term business is cheap or free to setup. Any tool that will generate money for you long-term cannot realistically be free or 'dead cheap'.

Think about it and look around you wherever you live.

The truth is . . . there is nothing of value that is 'dead cheap' or FREE.

These internet marketers simply lure you to their software or web site builders with small price or promise of free membership. Then when you find you're not making money and you complain, they will then sell you stuff that they promise will make the bad situation better.

These shameless online companies will hit you with upgrades after upgrades . . . upgrades that require you to pay extra money again and again and for something that won't make you money.

Bottom line.

They will just keeping sucking you dry!

So . . . beware of CHEAP AND FREE stuff. Any software that will deliver returns to you day after day requires solid customer support. And nothing 'solid' comes cheap or free.

2. Quick And Easy

In today's computer world, people are use to things happening fast. Therefore, internet marketers easily catch millions of people who want to know how to create a website by promoting their software or web site builder as 'Quick and Easy'.

"Your web site will be up in 5 minutes or less!" They scream.

Wait. What happens after the web site is up? How does the fact that the web site is up in "5 minutes or less" translate to money in your bank account?

They won't answer that part of the question. So, in reality, they are simply selling you a system that won't make you money . . . a system that will continuously take money off you.

Is that what you really want?

Obviously, the answer is NO.

The Truth About How To Create A
Web Site That Sells

Think about this. Why do you really want to create a web site?

Most likely, it's because you want . . .

1. The web site to make you money to supplement your current income or as a full-time job or

2. You want the web site to attract raving fans who will support your hobby or cause

If reason 1 or 2 above is your reason for wanting to build a web site, then don't fall for the cheap, quick, easy, or FREE slogan of internet marketers. What you need is a system that will build a solid customer base for your business or cause.

Now the big question.

How do you create a website that will make money consistently by attracting targeted leads to your business?

To build this kind of site, you need to understand . . .

  • the basics of how the internet works
  • the mindset of internet surfers or potential customers
  • the existing demand and supply for what you intend to offer online
  • the right process to attract potential customers who seek what you sell
  • the right tools you need to deploy the right process
  • how to earn money from the potential customers who visit your web site and
  • Get the education to make those tools work for you and generate the income level you desire

The above captures in a nutshell how to create a website that will make money for you whether you're in Lagos Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

The first thing you will notice from the above description of how to create a website is that . . .

Building A Profitable Web Site Is About
Building A Business

A web site can either be just a web site . . . just another web site . . . or a web business.

A web site is a collection of web pages that do not generate web traffic or targeted visitors to the business it is suppose to support.

In contrast, a web business or online business is a collection of web pages carefully researched and that is targeted at satisfying the need of a particular kind of visitor.

Consequently, the pages in an online business all work together to generate targeted leads to the business it represents.

Can you see the difference between a web site and a web business?

So, which do you want to build? A Web site or a web business?

Let me simplify this further:

A web site does not generate income for its owners whereas a web business makes money month after month for its owners.

A web business or online business generates targeted leads to any kind of business. And these leads become paying customers.

Now that you have decided to create a web business and not just a web site that sit there, a web site that is only visited by your friends and family, I will take you through the process and tools that has helped thousands of people in Nigeria and worldwide create web businesses that make money.

This is the same process I have used to build my web business that generate a sizable income for me month after month. So, this is not theory. It's what I do every day. And it pays my bills.

Remember what I said earlier . . . online business is a business like every other business offline. So, it takes research, hard work, and time before it grows. If anyone who calls himself an internet guru tells you otherwise, he's insulting your intelligence.

Here is a fact of life . . . business is hard work, online or offline.

The good news is this . . . it is doable. It's what I do for a living. And it's what millions of people do for a living. So, you too can do it and succeed.

But remember, you're not going to become another Google Inc. overnight. You will have to do the initial work . . . you will need to sow good fruits before you can reap the rewards, a bountiful harvest.

Here's the good part.

Since it's a business, if you lay a solid foundation for it, it will grow and flourish. And it will pay all your bills and that of your family for years to come.

What do you need to succeed? What do you need to create a website, a web business?

You first need to understand . . .

1. How people use the web because these are the very same people who will become your customers

2. The right process to reach these millions of internet surfers (your target market) and

3. The right tools to execute the process seamlessly to guarantee your success

Ready to learn something new? Ready to learn how to create a website that is really a web business?

Ready to learn something that will increase your income level?

Put on your work shoes as I take you through the right process to build a website, a web business.

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