Cost To Build A Home Lagos Nigeria - Why Build To Your Budget?

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What is the cost to build a home Lagos Nigeria?

There is no one answer to that question. The simple reason is because the cost to build a home is dependent on the type of home you wish to build.

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A standard 3 bedroom detached apartment tastefully built but without bells and whistles will cost about 5.5 million Naira.

This apartment will have . . .

  • 3 bedrooms including a master bedroom
  • 3 toilets - 1 master bedroom toilet, 1 family toilet, and 1 visitor toilet
  • 2 baths - 1 included in the master bedroom
  • Tastefully built kitchen
  • A dining room
  • 1 borehole with drinkable water
  • Electricity
  • Fenced compound

The cost to build a home will be higher if you decide to build a more complicated design.

Using the same 3 bedroom apartment described above as an example, the cost can be as high as 7 - 8 million naira if you want an apartment with a complicated design.

Cost To Build A Home - Build To Your Budget

What's your budget? How much money do you have to spend?

Your budget, the money you have to spend, should dictate what sort of apartment you decide to build. And this in turn will affect the cost to build a home for you.

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For example, if you want the apartment mentioned above but don't have 5.5 million Naira to spend, you can cut the cost of the project by building a smaller apartment.

You could build a 2 bedroom apartment with . . .

  • Single toilet
  • single bathroom
  • No fence
  • No floor tiles in sitting room or anywhere else
  • wooden window

Sounds drastic, right?

The bottom line is how much money you have.

Build a better home if you have the cash. Build something small if you're cash-strapped.

Some folks in Lagos Nigeria even start with building just one room with no windows. They nail blanks on the spot for window and move in.

Remember you're a landlord even with just one room built.

These folks build one room and move in. Then build the rest over several years according to their income.

Why is it so important to build to your budget?

Well, if you don't, the building will get stuck mid-way. Soon it will become an abandoned project.

Worse still, you will not enjoy the immense pleasure of living in your own home.

My advice?

Calculate the cost to build a home . . . your kind of home . . . before you even start. That way you will start and finish the project a happy person.

P.S: You do not necessarily have to build your home yourself. You can employ the services of a new home builder to build your home for you. Be sure to use a professional home builder. Get REAL value for your money.

P.P.S: Warning: The article was written a long time ago. Therefore, construction costs is likely to have substantially risen above the prices mentioned in this article. Please do not make your construction calculations based on the prices in the article. Do your own research to find out currently prices of materials and construction costs.

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