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Corporate housing Lagos Nigeria - Employee housing is a significant part of employee welfare package in a people oriented workplace. Companies have the responsibility to ensure that people who work for them make enough money to acquire or rent minimum accommodation.

Many small organizations will tell you that they do not provide accommodation for staff. And they even state it in black and white in the job ad. So, upfront they have told potential candidates not to expect corporate housing or accommodation.

Bigger organizations don't advertise their policy of "No accommodation for staff" in their job ads. Instead, they tell you one-on-one on the interview day.

Organizations that provide corporate housing in terms of employee housing, do it in several ways.

1. Accommodation for certain category of staff within the guest house or staff quarters of the company. For example, a company like Nigerian Breweries Plc offer accommodation to key senior employees at the staff quarters of the company's plant in Ibadan.

2. Hotel accommodation for certain period, say a month or two, for staff on transfer to new locations or branch.

3. Luxury apartment or furnished apartments rental for certain categories of staff in exotic locations. This category of staff are usually senior managers, directors, and expatriate staff.

4. Payment of housing allowance to staff, both management and non-management staff.

5. Development of estate for staff. Many government agencies favor this option. Certain blocks of low income housing projects developed by the government may be given to ministry employees at ridiculously low price.

Many companies favour option four because it is less cumbersome to implement. The company simply pays out the housing allowance and every employee fends for himself or herself.

There are times too when companies need corporate housing in terms of office space.

Usually, companies don't spare any expense in getting office space that reflects their status. But then, that depends on the turnover and profitability of the company concerned.

If your company is young and small in terms of profitability, don't lavish your company's small resources on renting an elaborate and elegantly furnished office apartment that portrays your company as belonging to the 'big league' but that does little for the bottom line.

You can rent a modest office within your company's profit profile and still furnish and decorate it exquisitely.

Whether your company is providing accommodation for staff or for the company business needs, work within your profile.

One last word.

When it comes to staff accommodation, employers should do what they can to help. It pays to adopt option 4 above. But ensure you pay your staff enough in terms of housing allowance to be able to afford a decent apartment.

Remember too that Lagos Landlords collect rent annually. So, paying staff housing allowance monthly puts them in a tight position with their landlords. Could you possibly pay your employees' housing allowance annually or six monthly in bulk? That will help a lot.

Helping staff fix accommodation problems to a reasonable extent, either by providing accommodation directly or paying the bills, is a huge moral booster.

Connect with your employees at this level.

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