Conversational Marketing Lagos Nigeria

by Samson Itoje

Conversational Marketing Lagos Nigeria

Conversational Marketing Lagos Nigeria

Conversational marketing (also called conversation marketing) is a marketing strategy that focuses on marketing to prospects using a conversational style.

Why is marketing using a conversational style so important?

Simple. Conversations lead to sales.

Think about this: What is that item you bought lately without doing a ton of research before buying?

Yes, it was something recommended by a friend after you both had a conversation.

Guess what.

Hundreds of businesses in Lagos Nigeria (and all over the country) are now beginning to understand the power of conversations. And many have jumped into the bandwagon of conversational marketing.

Therefore, you business will be losing big time if you have not incorporated conversational style into your marketing.

How Sales Conversations Grow A Business

To help you appreciate the power of sales conversations in growing the sales volume of a business, consider the case of direct marketing recently adopted by many banks.

In the last couple of years, many banks in Nigeria have systematically adopted direct marketing in an attempt to grow the number of bank customers they have.

For example in Lagos Nigeria, many banks now have sales reps in busy bus stops talking to passersby about the value of opening a bank account.

Many of the banks try to make the deal sweeter by offering certain incentives to encourage passersby to open an account immediately, right on the spot, with the sales representatives that is speaking with them.

The result?

The banks who impemented these conversational marketing strategy were able to add thousands of new accounts (and new customers) to their customer base.

The same outstanding results can be seen with direct marketing companies popularly called Network marketing companies.

Network marketing companies in Lagos Nigeria (and all over the world) do not advertise. They simply recruit a handful of startup independent sales people, who recruit other sales people and who recruit even more sales people.

Within a few years, this small network marketing startups start declaring millions of dollars in sales.

In fact, one of such popular network marketing company reached 1 billion dollars in annual sales within 5years of startup.


That is the power of direct marketing, which is actually conversational marketing.

Conversational Marketing Software

Does this mean you should turn your company into a direct marketing (or network marketing) company?

Of course, not!

However, you can implement the conversational marketing style in your business because it results in increased sales.

Does this mean you should employ more sales people to be out on the streets talking to people just like the banks mentioned above did?

I do not recommend that.

Conversation Marketing Lagos Nigeria

Yes, you can have a handful of sales people in strategic locations in Lagos Nigeria (or whatever city in Nigeria) where you do business.

But employing hundreds of sales people with the hope of multiply your sales have proved to be counter productive because of two key reasons:

1) Increased number of employees equals increased labour cost and

2) Majority of people do not know how to converse with people and turn them from cold leads into paying customers

So, how then do you effectively use conversational marketing style to substantial grow business sales?

Simple. Use a conversational marketing software.

This cost-effective marketing strategy involves 8 steps:

Step #1: Have your highest performing sales person document the conversations he normally has with prospects that eventually leads to sales (The entire potential customer experience / journey from first interaction to when they buy from your company

Step #2: Signup for our conversational marketing software and provide us the conversations + journey steps that lead to sales

Step #3: We then configure our conversation marketing software with the conversations that have been proven to lead to sales

Step #4: Our software takes prospects through that journey / experience right on their precious smart phones

Step #5: They buy from you

Step #6: Your revenue grows

Step #7: We store all their details in a customer database for you (this customer database belongs to you)

Steps #8: You can market to these customers again and again, year after year to continually grow your business revenue

Want to grow your business revenue?

Do not go employing hundreds of people to start conversations with the public. That path will lead to increased labour cost and lower profit.

Simply use our conversational marketing software to start conversations with people online who are in your target market. And watch your revenue grow.

Click HERE for a demo of our conversation marketing software.

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