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Companies That Buy Houses Lagos Nigeria - We Buy Ugly Houses And Pretty Houses

Sell Your House To Our Property Investment Company. And Fast!

Companies that buy houses make selling a house a breeze.

These companies are usually very professional. They know what they want and they but the house that meet their needs when they find it.

The good news is this . . . we are a real estate investment company that buy property in Lagos Nigeria and other key cities in Nigeria that are profitable.

Who are we?

companies that buy houses lagos nigeria

We are Erimama Investment Company Ltd, a property investment company that buy houses in Nigeria.

Our business model is simple . . . we buy ugly houses and we buy pretty houses in Nigeria.

So, whether you have a very ugly house to sell or an exquisitely finished house for sale in any city in Nigeria that is profitable, we will buy the house off you.

We use innovative management techniques to attract a pool of funds. And then we buy ugly houses and buy pretty houses all over Lagos Nigeria.

What Is Your Greatest Desire?

I have a question for you.

What is your greatest desire?

buy ugly houses lagos nigeria

As a property owner who wishes to sell your house, your greatest desire is likely to sell your house fast and apply the funds to a particular project on your mind.

So, in effect, you're looking for companies that buy houses to quickly buy your house off you.

There's also a second desire you have.

As a property owner, you also want to keep as much of the property proceeds as possible.

In fact, many property owners want to keep 100 percent of the sale price of their property.

Guess what.

We are here to make all your dreams come true.

Property Purchase Criteria

Remember what I told you earlier . . . we buy ugly houses and pretty houses all over Nigeria . . . starting with Lagos Nigeria.

However, we don't just buy any home we find. We buy only houses that meet our purchase criteria.

Below are a few of the criteria:

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1. Valid property documents - registered conveyance or Certificate of Occupancy (c of o)

2. Solid structure - the property must be structurally sound

3. The Property must be an apartment building that generates cash flow every month, every year

4. Maximum of 8-10 years payback period

5. The property must be FREE of all encumberances

. . . and more.

We are an investment company. We buy houses with investor funds.

Consequently, we do due diligence before we purchase any property.

If your property is genuine, we will know. Our lawyers will scrutinize and scrutinize your property before we buy. And we will only buy if the property have been proven to be genuine, trouble-FREE and if they meet the above criteria.

Bottom line.

You have nothing to fear if your property is genuine and profitable.

We will buy it off you faster than you imagine.

Sell Fast! Save Big! Keep
100 Percent of The Profit!

Here's the best part.

If you sell your house to us, you will keep 100 percent of the sale price.

This means you will not pay any real estate agent any commission.

This is amazing!

Want to sell your house fast and keep 100 percent of the profit?

Simply fill the property submission form below to tell us about your house for sale.

Remember . . . it doesn't matter whether your house is old, new or ugly?

We buy ugly houses. We buy pretty houses and even old houses.

If you're property is GENUINE, has valid documents and it's profitable to us, we will buy it promptly . . . after all the legal stuff is completed.

Have a property for sale?

Want to sell it fast and keep 100 percent of the profit?

Just fill the property submission form below to tell us about your property.

P.S: This service is currently on hold.

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