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coca cola lagos nigeria factory gate

Coca Cola Lagos Nigeria.

Nigeria bottling company (NBC) is the bottler of this worldwide brand, the most popular Cola ever, Coke in Nigeria.

Catch a glimpse of the Nigeria bottling company plant below.

Now the big question, "what makes this brand of cola drink so popular? Why Cola Cola?"

Well, some attribute the success of Coke in Nigeria and worldwide to the superior formulation of the drink.

To say the least, there have been hundreds of copy cats over the last hundred years who have tried to create a brand like this one . . . a brand that will compete head-on with Coke.

Unfortunately, the closest they get is second best.

So, is it the formulation of this particular cola drink that makes it superior?

Perhaps it is.

In fact, the owners of Coke jealously guard the Coca Cola recipe so that competitors cannot lay a hold on it.

The main ingredient in this drink is sent as a syrup to factories all over the world where it is included in the formulation.

But to be honest with you, it's not just the formulation of Coke that makes it a superior brand.

Heck, any smart professor, food scientist, or laboratory analyst can reverse engineer the 'special' formulation or cola syrup to figure the ingredients that make up this formulation and the approximate quantities involved.

Remember too that hundreds of managers, many of them revered scientists and engineers of worked for and left the Coke business wolrdwide. And these smart folks worked with the formulation daily as . . .

  • Laboratory managers
  • Technical managers
  • Quality control managers and analysts
  • Quality control inspectors
  • Research and development managers

    . . . and so on.

    In doing their daily routine, these scientists came face to face with the Coca Cola recipe.

  • They worked with it
  • Analysed it and
  • Worked to improve it (R&D)

    When it came to ingredient sourcing and formulation, these same experts . . .

  • Analysed the source of ingredient supply
  • Prequalified suppliers
  • Evaluated storage conditions and
  • Got the best prices for ingredients

    In simple words . . . these experts know the ingredients that make up the formulation, know the suppliers who supplied at the best prices, and know the addresses of these suppliers.

    Bottom line.

    They know everything about the formulation, manufacturing, and marketing of the Coca Cola brand.

    But why is it these same folks cannot duplicate the success of the Coke brand after they exit?

    The reason is simple.

    The truth is . . . it's not just the formulation of a product that makes it a great brand.

    Oh, no, it's goes beyond that.

    It's the combination of the people, the process, the marketing, and the leadership of a company that makes it create great brands.

    Yes, anyone can duplicate the product formulation. But do you have the muscle to duplicate the branding strategy?

    That is the big challenge.

    For example, what makes a particular cream sell for $100 per unit why a similar brand sells for $10 per unit?

    Is it because the first create is 10 times better?

    Often, it isn't.

    The create that sells for $100 per unit has a brand perception that is 10 times more than what it one that sells for $10 has.

    That is where the Cola Cola brand wins . . . branding.

    I suspect that even in the next century (if this old system lasts until then), Coke will still be the preferred brand because it's a company that is continually evolving and continually investing in its people.

    Coke employs great people who contribute great ideas and concepts to make the brand even greater.

    Take one hard look at their TV commercials and you will get the point.

    Want to create a great brand like this Cola drink?

    Be the brand.

  • Develop a product that meets the need of your target market
  • Employ the right people
  • Invest in the right people
  • Adopt a business philosophy that supports unfettered growth
  • Invest in strategic branding
  • Win with consumers
  • Be market driven
  • Be performance driven
  • Reward excellent performance

    Winning is a habit you cultivate. The Coca Cola company has done just that. So they deserve to win in the market place.

    See the pictures below and above.

    nigeria bottling company premises lagos nigeria

    Coca Cola truck Lagos Nigeria.

    coca cola truck lagos nigeria

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