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Clogged drains Lagos Nigeria. This section explores common mistakes made by Nigeria real estate owners and provides free tips to stay out of trouble with the law. Understanding these mistakes will help you take necessary precautions and ensure you do things right first time.

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Clogged drains are a major challenge in Lagos Nigeria and virtually every state of the Nigerian federation. The simple reason for this is that people
do not do the needful to ensure the free flow of drains.

This nonchalant attitude come back to hurt Nigerians in the form of environmental problems like erosion and flooding which eventually result in loss of valuable property.

For example, in some areas of the country, many residents including Nigeria real estate owners have had to abandon their properties because of the menace of flooding.

During the raining season, the rains come as a downpour on certain days. On those days, all roads in affected neighbourhoods are covered with heavy torrents of water.

The roads are completely taken over. So are the clogged drains that add little or no value at the time when they are needed the most.

Eventually, the water begin to ascend and take over houses. Some houses in the affected areas get covered up to window level. At this time, everyone vacate the houses affected.

Can you imagine the pain to the residents and the property owners? It's better imagined than understood.

What clogs the drains and what can you do to help?

In areas where drains exist, the drains end up being clogged because Nigerians have a habit of throwing refuse in the drains. Bread wraps, sachet water nylon, paper, and all kinds of refuse find their way into the drains.

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The drains get more than half full with rubbish refuse from homes. So, when
the rains arrive, the water has no path through which to flow. So, the water takes over homes.

Want to help fellow Nigerians? Want a flood-free neighbourhood?

Keep all drains clear of rubbish.

Another way to assist yourself and others is to ensure that your house has the proper soakaway or septic system that ensures that everything from your
kitchen and bath goes into the soakaway.

There was a particular landlord in Ogun state Nigeria who built a block of four flats with sufficient space at the sides but failed to provide a
soakaway for the kitchen. Instead, he made an open drain by the side of the house that ran to the public drain in front of the house that was designed
to handle rain water.

When the residents washed dishes and leftover foodstuff in the kitchen, it ran to the drain outside the house to . . . well, clog the drain and render
it inefficient.

This is a terrible way to design a septic system. Besides, it is a complete disregard for the well being of fellow Nigerians, fellow humans. And it can get you in trouble with the law.

When the environmental authorities discover this kind of stupidity, they won't smile at the property owner. And then it will be terribly expensive to make amends.

Clogged drains is a big problem in Nigeria. But it's not a problem that is outside our control. It is our responsibility to make our environment safe
for habitation. Let's start with unclogging the drains.

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