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Cheap housing Lagos Nigeria - Many Nigerians living in Lagos cannot afford anything other than cheap housing. But while searching for affordable housing, they also desire good living conditions. Those two don't seem to go very well together. But hey, there's a way.

Here are the options open to you if you desire affordable housing in Lagos Nigeria and don't have the cash to back your fantastic dreams.

1. Single rooms in a building with several rooms facing each other or a building with several rooms built in an 'L' or 'U' shape. This is the kind of apartment often referred to in Lagos Nigeria as "face me I face you" or jokingly as "face me I slap you".

These cheap housing or buildings are characterized by the fact that there are many rooms (as much as ten rooms per building) sharing small facilities like kitchen, toilet, and bath.

Sanitary conditions in this type of apartments are usually at the lowest ebb because a huge mass of people are sharing pretty small facilities.

For example, a family of four or six may occupy just one room. Extrapolate that for ten rooms in the same building and you will appreciate the mass of people that occupy just one of such buildings.

2. A second option open to you is to rent what is called a self-contain apartment in Lagos.

This is usually a 1 bedroom apartment comprising a living room and 1 bedroom. The advantage of this kind of apartment is that you have a dedicated kitchen, toilet, and bath to yourself and your roommate.

The sanitary conditions here are much better. And that is understandable because you're just two individuals using a dedicated facility. Besides, houses built as self-contain 1 bedroom apartment are better ventilated, has some degree of style and purpose, and are generally, more presentable.

Unfortunately, this kind of sharing arrangement is only suitable for bachelors or spinsters. When one or both parties get married and the number of people in the house become four, it's about time to split up.

Besides the fact that the facility is limited, incidences of conflict are likely to become more prevalent. Some also argue that this kind of sharing arrangement between two newly married couples opens up opportunities for marital infidelity because of the closeness of the parties. Well, that's an argument I won't pursue here.

3. The third option for cheap housing open to you is to live in the outskirts of the city.

Generally, houses are cheaper in the outskirts of the city than in the more developed and commercial areas of Lagos Nigeria. So, if you're on budget or tight on budget and need affordable housing, moving away from the commercial areas of Lagos to the outskirts may be a better option.

Nigeria real estate is well categorized into properties for the rich, those for medium income earners as well as those for low income earners. Understand where you belong and do what's necessary to get a home within your financial capability.

Things may not be great for you today. But never give up.

For now, however, simply live within your means.

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