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Cheap homes Lagos Nigeria - Cheap homes are available in a good number of locations in Lagos Nigeria. So, if you are tight on budget and urgently need a place to live, you can be sure that you can get something cheap fast enough.

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There are some areas known for cheap houses. A good example is Agege area of Lagos Nigeria. You can also get cheap houses in the following areas:

  • Dopemu
  • Ajegunle
  • Abule-Egba
  • Akute
  • Alagbole
  • Ayobo
  • Ipaja
  • Ipaja Command
  • Igando
  • Ajagbandi
  • Ikorodu
  • Ijokoro
  • Mushin
  • Isolo
  • Low cost housing estates

. . . and more.

The areas where you can find cheap homes, as listed above, are in two broad categories:

  • Low cost areas where the living conditions are less than ideal and
  • Emerging neighbourhoods at the outskirt of Lagos

A good example of a low cost area in Lagos is Agege.

Agege is at the heart of the city and is popular because it has good proximity to Ikeja, the capital of Lagos state. However, it is a slum-like area
and a large part of it is synonymous with the poor of the city.

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Environmental conditions are deplorable. Gutters or drainage channels are blocked with dirt, rubbish, and sludge. Most houses look ancient and pitiable. Area boys (or hoodlums) and garrage boys are on the prowl.

If you're around busy areas of Agege, keep an eye on your mobile phone, your wallet and any cash in your pocket.

The second category of cheap homes is in the outskirt of the city.

In these locations you will find modern and beautiful rental property going for low rental prices.

Actually, the farther away you move from the city centre, the cheaper the property. And the reason is obvious . . . there is less competition outside the commercial areas of Lagos and supply exceeds demand.

Since this is the case, many have moved from small houses in the city to big houses in the outskirt of the city. In the city they live poor. But at the outskirts they can live in bigger apartments and pay less than what they
pay for far smaller apartment within the city.

A word of caution.

When evaluating apartment rental options, rental price is not the only variable to consider. You should look at the total cost.

When you live closer to where you work in the city, you pay more for accommodation but spend less on transportation. You also have less stress going to and returning from work.

On the other hand, when you live in the outskirt of the city, you spend less on accommodation and more for transportation. And you also come face-to-face heavy Lagos traffic and the accompanying stress on your way to and from work. And you have to endure this day in day out.

My advice?

When looking for cheap homes, weigh your options carefully. Do not get fixated only on price. You could miss a big opportunity to live a stress-free life.

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