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Celebrity Wealth Club Lagos Nigeria – The Erimama Wealth Network.

Celebrity wealth club Lagos Nigeria - Welcome to the wealth network that gives residents of Nigeria and Africa an opportunity to improve their health while at the same time positioning themselves to earn unlimited wealth.

The goal of this Celebrity Wealth Club is to help more and more Nigeria residents (and residents of Africa) drink healthier, live healthier, share healthy drinks with friends and people they care about and possibly live longer.

Bottom line.

This wealth network is for people who are wealthy and want to use their wealth to promote healthy drinking within their family, friends and cycle of influence.

"Wealth Doesn't Happen By Accident! Wealth Doesn't Produce More Wealth By Accident!"

Believe me, it is true that "wealth creates more wealth".

Unfortunately, wealth doesn't create more wealth by accident.

If you happen to be wealthy because your parents are wealthy or because you became a celebrity overnight, don't kid yourself that you will continue to remain wealthy because you're already wealthy.

If you're still being fed that old school theory, then you will be in for a rude shock when you see your wealth go down the drain.

The truth is . . . thousands of rich folks have seen their riches develop wings and fly away beyond their reach.

For example . . .

  • Many celebrity footballers who use to have private jets have become so broke they can't afford a brand new car anymore
  • Many celebrity musicians who use to ride in expensive cars have become so broke that they can't afford a luxury lunch in Eko Le Meridien Hotel anymore
  • Many ex senior managers of large corporations who use to weird so much authority and live in luxury company-paid-for-houses can't afford a luxury flat in Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria anymore and
  • Even many celebrity directors of multinational companies have gone into 'oblivion' after retirement because their fame and their fortune disappeared after retirement Would you like to be remembered as a FORMER celebrity (or a former director) who is now broke? If your answer to that question is "No", then you should join the Celebrity Wealth Club right away.
  • Who Can Join Our Wealth Network?

    Anyone from anywhere in the world, both celebrities and non-celebrities, can join the celebrity wealth club.

    The criteria for joining are pretty straightforward:

    Criteria #1: Membership Fee

    You must be capable of paying the monthly membership fee.

    Criteria #2: Sharing

    You must share some of your healthy nutrition supplements (supplied to you by our team) with friends and family every month.

    Yes, there is joy in giving!

    Criteria #3: Pride

    You must be proud of who we are and happily tell people you know about the opportunity to join our wealth network.

    We want more and more people to live healthier . . . and longer.

    We have something we're proud of. And we gladly share it with people we know.

    Use Your Wealth To Improve Your Nutrition!

    We are constantly amazed to see rich people die of nutrition related diseases.

    These rich folks spend a lot of money on charity, which is great. They spend a lot of money helping their relatives through school, which is amazing. They spend a lot of money on expensive schools for their kids, which is cool.

    Guess what.

    They spend very little in comparison on their health.

    Oh, they may spend lots and lots of money on whiskey and brandy. But not enough on nutrition supplements.

    That has got to change!

    The Erimama Wealth Network was setup to address that.

    Members of this wealth network receive steady monthly supply of international physician formulated liquid nutrition supplement that enhances their health so they can live longer and enjoy their investments . . . and their wife and kids.

    Life is good!

    Yes, we want you to enjoy LIFE . . . and for longer!

    Fill the form below to learn more about us and how you can participate.

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