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Car Hire Purchase Lagos Nigeria - Own A Car With Little Or No Money Down!

The Lagos Nigeria car hire purchase program gives everyone in Lagos Nigeria (and beyond) an opportunity to own a car and pay in installment.

You see, the biggest problem most people have with buying a family or commercial vehicle is the high upfront cost of owning a car. And this applies to imported used cars popularly known as Tokunbo cars in Nigeria as well as brand new cars.

The popular option available to most people is to opt for a car purchase loan, which is a great option.

Unfortunately, many commercial banks in Nigeria have really tight requirements for obtaining car purchase loans.

It's easy to obtain a bank financed car loan when you work for a big organization that command a lot of respect.

However, only a small percentage of Nigeria's population work for big organizations.

So, how would the larger percentage of the population buy cars and other vehicles easily?

The solution is simple . . . and it is through the Lagos Nigeria car hire purchase program.

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Benefits of Car Hire Purchase

Here are some of the benefits of the Lagos Nigeria hire purchase program.

1. It's easier to buy a car or truck through this program than through a bank financed car purchase loan

2. Anyone can own a car or truck through this program, even if they do not work with large organizations

3. It allows you to own a brand new or imported used car of your choice without the headache of huge upfront payment and

4. It saves you the stress of buying a car yourself. The company buys the car, registers it and buys comprehensive insurance cover for the car.

Hire Purchase Versus Drive To Own - Two Car
Ownership Opportunity

There are two options for car ownership through the Lagos Nigeria car hire purchase program:

Option 1 is the hire purchase program discussed above and option 2 is what is called the drive to own car ownership opportunity.

Both car ownership options give residents of Nigeria an opportunity to own a car or truck by paying in small installments.

What is the difference?

The drive to own car ownership opportunity allows anyone in Lagos Nigeria (and beyond) to own a car with no money down. That means, you become a car owner without any upfront cost.

How do you pay for the car?

Subscribers to the drive to own program pay for the car in daily installments.

Therefore the drive to own car ownership program is suitable for people who intend to use the car or truck they are given for commercial purposes.

A commercial vehicle generates income daily. And therefore, subscribers to this type of drive to own program can easily make their daily deposits for the vehicle they are given without stress.

On the other hand, the hire purchase program allows participants of the program to pay for the car they are given in monthly installments. Therefore, it is suitable for company employees who earn salary monthly.

However, the hire purchase program requires a small upfront payment for subscribers in order to enjoy the benefit of paying MONTHLY instead of DAILY.

What is the upfront payment requirement?

It can be as low as 30 percent of the value of the car they wish to own on hire purchase basis.

Bottom line.

Subscribers to the Lagos Nigeria car hire purchase program pay 30 percent of the value of the car and then spread the balance over the tenure of the instalmental payment plan.

Steps To Own A Car With Little or No Money Down

Owning a car through the drive to own or hire purchase pay plan is pretty easy.

Simply fill the subscriber application form below and we will get back to you within three (3) business days.

NOTE: This service is currently on hold.

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