Buy Land Or Buy House For Sale - Pay As You Earn.
Pay In Installment Without Stress!

Want to buy land or want to buy house in Lagos Nigeria?

If your answer is "Yes", then you have made a good decision.

So, what is stopping you?

Most likely it's because of the amount involved.

buy land or house for sale in lagos nigeria africa

You see, when you want to buy land or buy house for sale in Lagos Nigeria, you're often required to make FULL PAYMENT for the property you wish to buy, whether land or completed house.

Guess what.

The full amount is often too big for most people to afford.

Simple reason . . . most people collect their pay monthly NOT yearly. So, they do not have access to bulk money required to pay the huge amounts associated with land or home purchase.

Bottom line.

Most people cannot afford to buy house or even buy land in their dream location because of the amount involved and the fact that they are required to pay the selling price at once, at the point of purchase.

What is the solution?

Of course, the solution is to allow people pay for houses or land for sale as they earn.

Estates In Lagos Nigeria And Payment In Installment

The good news is . . . most new estates under development by Lagos property developers offer payment for property in installment.

Sure, this is good news.

Unfortunately, the majority of these estates are in locations where many buyers do not plan to own a property.

For example, you may wish to buy a property in Ikeja or Surulere and pay in installment. But since there are no new estates under development in those areas you have to cough out the full amount to buy house or buy land in that area.

The quick solution to the lack of "payment in installment" option is to secure a home loan or mortgage from a bank.

However, with the tough financial situation in banks after the era of financial mismanagement in Nigeria banks, you may find that securing a home loan or mortgage may be tough if you don't work with or for a top-notch multinational company in Nigeria.

This is the sad situation!

"Buy House Or Land For Sale And Pay As You Earn With A little Help From Us!"

We at Erimama Investment Company Ltd want you to be able to buy house or buy land for sale anywhere you want in Lagos Nigeria and have the opportunity or the option to buy in full (outright) or pay in installment.

Consequently, we have established this "Pay As You Earn Property Directory" that gives you the option to buy land or buy house anywhere in Lagos Nigeria and pay in installment.


This is good news!

So, how does it work?

The "Pay As You Earn Property Directory" is located below.

Every property that appears in the Pay As You Earn Property Directory gives potential buyers the option to buy the property by . . .

1. Paying the selling price in full or

2. Paying part of the selling price upfront and then paying the balance in installment

Outright Purchase Versus Payment In Installment

When you buy a house outright it means you pay the full amount at once . . . you complete payment immediately.

When you pay for a property as you earn, it means you pay in installment over a period of time.

Here's something you must understand.

When you pay in installment, you pay more for the property.

Why pay more?

It's because of what is called "the time value of money".

This simply means that money depreciates in value over time.

Let's take an example to drive the point home.

Time Value of Money And Payment In Installment

Suppose you have 3 million Naira saved up in the bank and you decide to buy a property.

Suppose you find a property in a neighbourhood you like and decide to buy it.

Fortunately, the seller decides to accept your offer of 3 million Naira for the property.

However, you develop cold feet on the day you're suppose to pay for the property and decline to buy it.

Two years after, you learn that the person who bought the property (after you declined to pay for it) has put the property back in the market.

You're excited about this because you really love the location.

You find the new seller and ask what the selling price is.

You're surprised to learn the new seller has put the property in the market for 4 million Naira net.

Suddenly, you realize that even though you still have your 3 million Naira in the bank intact, it can no longer buy the property it would have bought two years earlier.

In reality, this means that the money you have has depreciated in value over the two years period.

This is what is called time value of money.

Bottom line.

If you're paying in installment for a property, you will pay abit more than if you're purchasing it outright because the seller has to account for the depreciation in value of the amount you're paying for the property in view of the time involved.

This is perfectly normal. So, don't be alarmed by it.

List of Land And Houses For Sale With "Pay As You Earn" Option

Ready to buy land or buy house and pay in installment?

See the list below:

1. 1 plot of land for sale at Palms Garden Estate on Papanlato Road in Mowe Ofada (a few minutes drive from Nestle Plc) Ogun state

Outright purchase price: 1.7 million Naira

Pay As You Earn Purchase Price: 2 million Naira (pay 25% upfront and spread the balance over 24 months)

2. Nursery And Primary School for sale near Agbado Crossing Lagos Nigeria

School capacity: 200 pupils

Estimated Annual Revenue: 3 million Naira per annum (@ =N=15,000 per pupil per year)

Outright purchase price: 16 million Naira

Pay As You Earn Purchase Price: 20 million Naira (pay 12 million Naira upfront and spread the balance over 36 months)

Call us on 07086459367 or 08033290430 to buy any of the properties above.

You can also Click HERE to send us an email.

NOTE: Click the link above and scroll to the bottom of the page that appears to fill our contact form and send us a mail.

Alternatively, call the numbers above to speak to us on phone.

List Your Property In This Directory

Have a property you wish to sell and receive payment in installment?


Why would you want to do that?

Simple reason . . . You sell your property faster when you allow potential buyers to pay in installment.

Yes, allow potential buyers to buy land or buy house from you and pay in installment. And you will make your dreams of selling your house fast come true.

Ready to accept payment for your property in installment?

Want to sell faster?

Simply fill the form below and send us details of your property for sale.

We will include it in the list above as soon as possible.

Property Listing Form

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