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Business Synergy In Nigeria - Associated Bus Transport Plc And ABC Cargo Express - A Story of Success

by samson

Business Synergy In Nigeria - Associated Bus Transport Plc And ABC Cargo Express:

Nigerian businessmen have gradually stepped up to the concept of synergy in business and are taking it to a whole new level. A good example is the synergy between Associated Bus Transport (ABC) Plc and ABC Cargo Express.

Thousands of people still remember the story of ABC transport, a transport company that rose from scratch to become one of the leading transport company in Nigeria.

The founder of Associated Bus Transport (ABC) had a dream. Unlike those before him, he was not content to start a transport business that would do well while he is alive and collapse when he drops dead. He wanted to create an enduring legacy, a gift to society that will transcend its founders.

It is that vision that systematically grew ABC transport from an idea on paper into a public liability company quoted on the floor of the Nigerian stock exchange. This public transport company now employs hundreds of people and is responsible for putting a smile on the faces of the family members these employees represent.

Remember . . . this was just one man's dream.

Now to the point about synergy.

Associated Bus Transport Plc had a transport network that covered many major cities in Nigeria. And the company was respected and well reported upon. They were one of the few companies who first introduced air-conditioned buses and therefore took the transport industry by storm because they went the extra mile.

Managers of ABC transport noticed that people were constantly looking for ways to move goods to preferred destinations throughout Nigeria without accompanying these goods. They needed to send documents and products to relatives or business partners without necessarily taking the goods there themselves.

To cut a long story short, ABC transport decided to launch the service full scale. That gave birth to ABC Cargo Express, a sister company of Associated Bus Transport Plc.

Think about it.

ABC Plc already had buses plying most of the routes these cargo were supposed to go. That drastically reduced the logistics required to launch a service of this nature. So, it made perfect sense that a courier company should follow.

The synergy between ABC plc and ABC cargo express has created jobs for more people, grown the company's profitability, and added value to society.

Thinking of diversifying? Can you perhaps diverfy to a business that complements your already existing business?

Have a business concept? Afraid to launch this business because it's not the norm among your friends and family to run a business? Would you rather get stuck on paid employment, while your heart is yearning desperately to start something unique to you, just because your friends think it's cool to work for a big company?

Starting and succeeding at a business that revolves around your passion is truly liberating. And applying smart business synergy grows that business even further.

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My advice?

Follow your heart.


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