Business Marketing Budget Lagos Nigeria - How Much Have You Set Aside For Advertising?

by samson itoje

Business Marketing Budget Lagos Nigeria

Business Marketing Budget Lagos Nigeria

Smart business marketing strategy is essential to business success in Lagos Nigeria.

A business plan without a reasonable budget for sales and marketing is a business plan that is bound to fail.

So, as a business owner in Lagos Nigeria, how much have you set aside for marketing and advertising?

What is your business marketing budget every month (and every year)?

When I ask a lot of business owners that question, most are unable to state the percentage of their total revenue devoted to business marketing and advertising.

This, my friend, is the very reason why many small and medium businesses fail.

Business Success Happens When Marketing And Advertising Is Top Priority

Every year, national and multinational companies in Lagos Nigeria (and all over the country) set aside huge amount of money for sales and marketing campaigns.

In fact, some national and multinational companies in Lagos Nigeria spend billions of Naira every year on their sales and marketing campaigns.


Business Success Strategy Lagos Nigeria

Simple. They have a yearly sales target. And they know for a certainty that they can only achieve their sales target, year on year, by devoting a certain percentage of their business revenue towards creative marketing and advertising.

Bottom line.

Business success (and business growth) depends on the size of your marketing budget. And, more importantly, the creativity of your sales and marketing team in the use of your business marketing budget.

So, want your small or medium sized business in Lagos Nigeria to be profitable and grow?

Consciously devote a sizable percentage of your business revenue towards business marketing. At the very least, 20 percent of your business revenue should be devoted to business marketing and advertising.

Cost Effective Digital Marketing Strategy For Small And Medium Businesses

We have established that a reasonable marketing and advertising budget is essential for business success in Lagos Nigeria.

However, most small and medium business owners in Lagos Nigeria do not have the kind of capital that national and multinational companies do.

If you devote 20 percent of your total business revenue to marketing, the actual amount may be like a drop in a budget for a national company.

So, how do you get the best return on your marketing investment, even though your 20 percent marketing budget is small compared to big time competitors?

The solution is to deplore a digital marketing strategy for your small or medium business.

Using a digital marketing automation software for your business marketing and advertising needs allows you to run cost effective marketing campaigns that attract new customers to your business anywhere you do business in Lagos Nigeria.

Want to get the best return on your business marketing investment?

Want to grow your business and make more money?

Click HERE to learn about our marketing automation software for small and medium businesses in Lagos Nigeria.

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