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Business Forum Lagos Nigeria

This Lagos Nigeria business forum is focused on helping more and more local businesses in Nigeria achieve business success.

Thousands of business owners in Nigeria have discovered that achieving business success is not an easy task.

In fact, success in business has proved to be elusive for thousands of small and medium business people in Nigeria.

Guess what.

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This is not a problem peculiar to Lagos Nigeria (or to Nigeria) alone.

All over the world, the failure rate of new businesses is terribly high.

In fact, if 100 people start a new business today, there is a high probability that only about 10 to 20 of them will still be in business after 5years.

That is 80 to 90 percent failure rate within 5 years of business launch.

That is just terrible!

How do we as a people reduce the failure rate of new (and existing) businesses in Nigeria?

Simple . . . through sharing of business knowledge so more and more Lagos Nigeria entrepreneurs can be better educated on latest marketing techniques, get more customers for their business, increase marketing ROI and grow their business.

This is the very reason why I launched this Lagos Nigeria business forum.

The goal of this Lagos Nigeria business forum is to provide a platform where successful small and medium business owners can share their wealth of knowledge and experience so other entrepreneurs can learn from them and be just as successful.

The Lagos Business Forum - Learn, Share, Succeed!

Lagos state, Nigeria, is a huge market with over 20 million residents.

Millions of people in Lagos means millions of opportunities to exchange ideas, experiences, sell and be sold to.

Therefore, if you have a small or medium sized business in Lagos Nigeria, you have a huge market to sell to. And, hence, a huge opportunity to make a lot of money.

Business Success Forum Lagos Nigeria

Have you been successful in doing business in Lagos (or anywhere else in Nigeria)?

Please share some business success tips with fellow Nigerians so they too can learn and succeed.

Guess what.

More small (and medium) businesses succeeding means more jobs for Nigerians. And, hopefully, less crime from jobless people.

Have a business that is struggling to stay alive?

Read the tips provided by experienced entrepreneurs in this Lagos business forum.

NOTE: You can see the business tips underneath the business articles (and advice) submission form below.

P.S: Contact us if you have questions with regard to digital marketing success strategies you can deploy for your business.


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Lagos Nigeria Business Forum - Share Your Strategies

Are you a business owner?

Share your strategies for success.

Are you considering going into business?

Ask any question regarding the business you propose to start. Get solid advice.

Use the form below.


1. The message you post here MUST be original and in your own words.

2. What you post here must not be posted anywhere else on the internet. That is called duplicate content. And it will be detected by our software and automatically deleted.

3. Your contribution should be at least 400 words otherwise it will be deleted.

The Lagos Nigeria Business Forum

Browse the Lagos business forum using the links below.

Share your opinion using the form above.

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