Building Stairs - Tips For Building Stair Case Lagos Nigeria

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Building stairs that is comfortable to use takes some forethought and planning. Unfortunately, many contractors in Lagos Nigeria don't give building stair case the attention it deserves.

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This reminds me of one apartment I stayed somewhere in Iyana Ipaja Lagos Nigeria. The stair case was so narrow that it was tough moving anything of significance upstairs. And I lived on the first floor.

  • Moving my refrigerator upstairs was tougher than tough
  • The day I bought my standing gas cooker and had to move it upstairs with my wife, I sweated from head to toe
  • Moving my furniture upstairs was another herculean task

Honestly, if I had my way, I would have asked for my money back. But then, if you live in Lagos Nigeria, you probably understand that getting your money back from a landlord is no easy task.

Now, you don't have to go through that stress. Here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction.

Building Stair case - Tips To keep In Mind

1. Make the stair case spacious

As a rule, your stairs should be able to accommodate two people walking side by side comfortably. In
addition, it should be able to accommodate two people plus a medium sized refrigerator comfortably.

2. Decide the type of stairs Wisely

A straight staircase takes less space in terms of its width. An L-shaped staircase takes more space than a straight staircase but less space than a curved staircase. If space is a constraint, then choose the straight staircase.

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3. What type of handrails?

A tastefully machined wooden handrail can be a delight to behold. Aluminium handrail with glass decorations also looks quite appealing.

If you're constrained for cash, a straight forward metal handrail will do.

Greedy landlords in Lagos Nigeria try to make the most use of every available space in their land. The result is a stuffy, poorly planned, choked mass of houses in a tiny space.

However, if you love comfort and wish to make your life a little easier, take building stairs of your home seriously. This starts from the space allocated to the stairs in the building plan.

You deserve an easier life and some comfort. Therefore build your home wisely.

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