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Building materials Lagos Nigeria - Optimizing the cost of construction materials will go a long way to reduce your building cost but this requires some planning and forethought.

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The free building materials tips in this section will help get started on the right path.

Let's start with the categories of construction materials you will need for your building construction.

See the list below.

1. Blocks

2. Cement

3. Sand

4. Granite

5. Water

6. Wood

7. Roofing sheet

8. Ceiling

9. Windows

10. Doors

11. Tiles

12. Paint

13. Plumbing materials

14. Water pump

15. Fittings and fixtures

16. Electrical wiring materials

17. Burglary and

18. Security Gate

The list above is not exhaustive.

In dealing with each category of building materials, there are options available and a cost attached to each option.

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For example, where do you source for blocks and what type of block?

When building a ground floor building, say, a bungalow with no intention of converting to a storey building in the future, 6 inches blocks will do
the job perfectly. However, if you want to build a storey building, you need 9 inches block so the ground floor can safely carry the subsequent floors
above the ground floor.

Beyond the size of the block, you need a solid foundation if you intend to build a storey building. Otherwise, your building may end up in the statistics
of collapsed buildings in Lagos Nigeria.
With respect to blocks, you also have to decide whether to pay a brick layer to mould your blocks or whether you will buy outright from a block industry.

I personally prefer purchasing from a block industry. However, you have to first do proper research to investigate the quality of work of a particular
block industry before purchasing from them.

Get your mason or engineer to examine the blocks for quality of manufacture before purchasing.

Another construction material that is often overlooked is water.

You need water for virtually every stage of the building construction. For example, you need water for . . .

  • the foundation concrete
  • the building process that involves mixing the cement for laying the blocks
  • the floor concrete some refer to as German floor
  • the decking concrete
  • the plastering and finishing stages and
  • the fence construction

Unfortunately, many do not give forethought to this building material . . . water. I guess you're not like those people.

So, where will you get water for your building construction work? Will you buy tanks and purchase water from local water tankers? Or will you sink
your borehole right away and use your own water?

If you choose to sink your own borehole at the beginning of the construction work, then you have to provide a standby generator so your workers can pump water as and when needed because the public electricity company is unreliable. Besides, your building project may be taking place in a remote area that do not yet have public electricity connectivity.

Now about cost.

How do you minimize the cost of your building project?

A good way to minimize the cost of building materials is to buy in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you get good negotiation platform to negotiate for a lower per unit cost.

For example, if you're buying cement in bulk, you have the option of buying directly from a major distributor at a much lower price. And the distributor's trailer will even ship the cement to your construction site.

The same applies to building materials like floor tiles, plumbing materials, and fittings and fixtures.

However, there's a caveat when you buy in bulk. And you need to weigh this carefully.

Construction workers are known to steal construction materials when the owner is not watching. So, when you buy in bulk, you increase the chances of
people stealing from you without you noticing. So, there's a risk with buying in  bulk.

Bottom line.

Weigh all the risks and do what's best in the circumstances.

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