Building Entrance Design - Make Your Life Easier

by samson

Most homes in Nigeria have building entrances with 3 feet single doors. This seems okay until you purchase a long furniture or electrical appliance (e.g. a deep freezer, large size washing machine etc) and have to move it into your home through the main door.

Often when this happens, you see residents having a big struggle with moving the equipment through the main door into their home.

They call neighbours to assist and everyone goes through a less than pleasant experience.

The good news is that you can save yourself, your family members and your neighbours such trouble with a simple adjustment to the entrance door design.

Simply change the entrance door from a single 3 feet door to two-leaved 3 feet doors. That is, your entrance becomes a 6 feet door (actually, twin 3ft doors).

One unit stays bolted down while the second is available for routine use. When you have to move a wide appliance or furniture into your home, simply unbolt the second piece and you have more than wide enough entrance.

Alternatively, you can use a sliding glass entrance with each half 4 - 6 feet. So, you have a 4-6 ft entrance when the sliding door is fully open.

Save yourself stress with this simple building construction tip.

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