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Process To Build A Website In Lagos Nigeria And Worldwide

The Right Process To Build A Web Site That Evolves Into A Long-term Business.

The right process to build a website in Lagos Nigeria and wherever else you live in the world.

In chapter one of this series, I talked about the reasons why many online software that supposed help people build a website fail woefully in accomplishing that task. That discussion was pretty exhaustive. 

So, if you missed it or landed on this page straight from another page or from another site, you can click HERE to read that brief introduction on how to create a website or build a web site.

In this chapter or section, I will be discussing the right process to build a web site, a profitable online business. So, get ready for some 'hard truth'.

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To help you understand the right process to build a profitable web business, you need to first understand how people use the internet.

People who visit the internet do so for three basic reasons:

1. To communicate via email, internet phone call, or web conferencing (webinar)

2. To socialize and meet old and new friends (example is Facebook) and

3. To search for information

When you finally decide to build a website, a customer-focused web business, you will be targeting the third category of internet users. So, let's explore them a bit.

People Come Online To Search For Information

steps to build a website that makes money

Internet surfers come to the internet in search of information about a product, service, disease, location, software, legal issues, recipe or whatever else is on their mind.

These internet surfers don't know anything about you or the product you represent. They are simply searching for information about a subject area that is a concern for them at that particular point in time.

Where do internet surfers do their search?

They search in Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com, or one of the smaller search engines. These search engines list web sites that provide information related to the search term surfers type in.

Let's take an example to drive the point home.

Suppose an internet surfer is a mother who decides to make banana flavoured ice cream for her family this weekend. She has never made ice cream before and she has no idea how to make ice cream. So, what does she do?

She likely will go to Google.com, the world's biggest and most popular search engine. There she will type the following in the search box, "ice cream recipe" (without the quotes) and press the 'ENTER' button on her keyboard.

In less than a minute, Google.com will open a new page with her search results. The first page of the search results will list 10 web sites providing information about the query she just keyed in, "ice cream recipe".

Under that page you will see 10 links numbered 1 2 3 4 5 . . . 10, each link showing more results.

If she is not satisfied with the information provided by the web sites listed, she will refine her search by being more specific and type, say, "banana ice cream recipe" instead of just "ice cream recipe".

When she finally finds a site that provides all the details about how to make banana ice cream, a site that list the ingredients and the production process (the process to blend the ingredients to deliver a 'smashing' ice cream), she will be excited.

The next natural question will be, "where do I get the ingredients?"

Now, if the web site refers her to a reliable source to get the ingredients or even sells the ingredients, she will be glad to buy from the site because the site has demonstrated that the author understands the intricacies of making delightful ice cream.

What if the site has an ebook with all the information in one place?

She may not mind buying the ebook so she can read more about the intricacies of ice cream making.

Get the point?

Surfers come to the internet in search of information. When you provide the information these surfers that belong to your target market seek, search Engines like Google and Yahoo will list you in their index. So, when internet surfers do search related to the information your site offers, they will find you and do business with you.

Now that you understand this, the next question is . . . what is the process that builds on this knowledge to deliver web businesses that make money for you the owner?

The Right Process To Build A Website
That Make Money

The right process to build a website that matures into a long-term online business in Lagos Nigeria, and everywhere else in the world, is based on the way people use the web discussed above.

So, what is that process?

I call it S-B-C-P-P-T-M

See my explanation of this acronym below.

S – SELF: This refers to you. What you know, what you are passionate about, what you're good at . . . your knowledge and experience.

Hey, you cannot teach someone what you don't know!

B – BRAINSTORM: This is online research to determine how people search for your kind of product, service, or subject area on the internet. This reveals KEYWORDS searchers use when searching for information relating to your subject area

C – CONTENT: These are the words, pictures, videos etc that make up your web site. This also includes the LOOK & FEEL of your site. If your site LOOK & Feel is appealing and inviting, customers will be drawn to read the information on your site. And if the words are soothing, reassuring, and authoritative (not authoritarian or dictatorial) they will want to buy from you.

PREsell: Provide information visitors seek in a friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding manner

P – PROMOTE: Tell search engines (E.G. Yahoo, Google etc) about your site. Also promote your site on other sites like Facebook, niche forums, article sites etc

T – TRAFFIC: Search engines begin to send traffic to your site if it is properly optimized (KEYWORDS + LINK POPULARITY)

M – MONETIZE: Sell your products or services on your site (if you have any). Promote products of companies you represent on your site as an affiliate. Include contextual adverts (e.g. Google Adsense, infolinks etc) on your site to generate residual income. Get paid by visitors.

Life is beautiful when you build a website that brings targeted leads to your business day after day.

But remember . . . that will only happen when you use the right process, S-B-C-P-P-T-M.

Start where your customers start, if you want to succeed with your online business. Start with information!

Build a keyword-focused content web business using the process above.

Click HERE for a simple explanation of how your passion
can make you money

The Tools That Execute The Process

Now that you understand the process to build a website that gets unlimited visitors, the next obvious question is, "what is the online software or software tools that will execute this process flawlessly?"

Please take a cup of coffee and sit back as I take you through the right tools to build a website . . . the set of sofware tools that guarantee online business success. The complete web site builder for building long-term online business.

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