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Brands Nigeria. Nigeria has a long list of super brands that generate huge turnover for the companies that produce them. Many of these products are international products known for high quality, perfection, and consistency of delivery.

The super products that play in the big league include:

1. Guinness Stout

Produced by Guinness Nigeria Plc, this product has been in the Nigerian market for decades. Originally developed by Arthur Guinness, this product has centuries of history behind it. The story started back in 1759 when a smart young man discovered how to make people known for loving sweet stuff fall in love with a 'bitter' concorsion.

Back in the early days, it was a 'concorsion' that won the hearts of a category of drink lovers. Today, its one of the super brands in Nigeria and the world over.

If you desire consistent quality in a stout, make Guinness stout your pick. Give it to Guinness Nigeria Plc. They know their stuff pretty well.

2. Gulder And Star Larger Beer

Gulder, affectionately called "the ultimate", is brewed by Nigerian Breweries Plc. The company's portfolio of products also include Star Larger Beer, Maltina, Amstel Malta, and Farouz.

In 2008, the company declared over a hundred billion Naira (about 660 million dollars) turnover. The company is growing in leaps and bounds. And there's no stopping them. What is at the heart of this brand success?

In a few simple words . . . consistent quality delivery.

Nigerian breweries has invested heavily in research and development (R&D), people development, and factory upgrade. As at the time of this writing, its Aba brewery was the newest factory the company had. And it has the most modern of technologies.

Other super brands in Nigeria include:

3. Bournvita - produced by Cadbury Nigeria Plc

4. Milo - Produced by Nestle Nigeria Plc

5. Malta Guinness - Produced by Guinness Nigeria Plc

6. Peak Milk - Produced by Friesland Nigeria Plc

7. Blue Band - Produced by Unilever Nigeria Plc

8. OMO Detergent - Produced by Unilever Plc

9. Coca Cola - Produced by Nigeria Bottling Company Plc

10. Pepsi - Produced by Pepsi Nigeria Plc

Time will fail me if I were to list all the super products in Nigeria.

But what makes these products tick? Why do consumers buy them in droves? How come these international companies have survived centuries and are still growing stronger and stronger and bigger and bigger whereas many Nigeria companies do not survive beyond two generations at the most?

Let's deal with the question of brand acceptance first.

People love these products because they deliver real value for the money spent. The quality is consistent, the offering attractive, the packaging inviting. Everything about the products shout "buy me!"

Second, the parent company of these products have a strong marketing team. It's not sufficient to have a good product . . . anyone can do that especially in today's technological advanced world. But putting together a winning marketing team is not easy. Hugely successful products are built by marketers and sales people. As long as the product quality is okay, the rest happens in the market.

So, how can Nigerian companies survive for centuries instead of the situation right now where Nigerian businesses dies with the owner?

Well, if you really want to join the big league, then do the following:

1. Develop a great product

2. Start small if you must by grow the business to include specialists

3. Turn the business into a public liability company - invite others as shareholders

4. It's great to have your children succeed you but if your children don't have a knack for business, then let someone smarter succeed you. Your children can always inherit your shares.

Bottom line.

Run your business as a business that deserves to live generation to generation . . . century to century. You will join the big league. No doubt about that.

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