Brand Reputation Management Lagos Nigeria

by samson

Brand Reputation Management Lagos Nigeria

Brand Reputation Management Lagos Nigeria

Effective brand reputation management in Lagos Nigeria (and all over the country) starts with knowing what your customers think about . . .

1) Your products (or services)

2) Your delivery system for those products or services and

3) Your after sales service (or support) system

The truth is . . . many business owners think they have excellent products as well as excellent customer support.

However, a quick search on the internet reveals that many businesses in Lagos Nigeria are considered to have terrible customer service. And yet the owners of those businesses do not know this!


Why do many business owners boast about the excellent customer support they give their customers when customers say otherwise?

Simple. It is because most businesses do not have an effective brand reputation management system.

Consequently, they depend on their workers to send them reports about the quality of customer service in their business.

Guess what.

Workers don't want to lose their jobs. So, they end up sending positive reports to the business owner.

Business Reality: Mounting Customer Complaints And Negative Reviews Will Kill Your Business

The reality is this . . . effective brand reputation management is essential to long-term business success.

Therefore, if you want your business to survive and grow, you must not leave brand reputation management to your staff.

In fact, setting up an effective business reputation management system will help you . . .

1) Track the effectiveness of your customer service team

2) The quality of the products (or services) your workers are producing and

3) The effectiveness of your quality control people

Now that you fully understand the impact of poor business reputation management on the profitability of your business, the next natural question is: "What does an effective brand reputation management system involve?"

What brand reputation management strategy delivers the best results?

Avoid Fire Brigade Approach To Business Reputation Management

Most large size companies have some form of reputation management system that centres around the public relations (PR) team listening to radio and TV programs to watch out for any negative reports that could negatively affect their business.

These category of companies also employ staff in their PR team to read all newspaper reports in search of negative information about their business.

When negative reports pop up in the main stream media about their company, the PR team quickly counter with press releases.

Guess what.

That is all reactive brand reputation management strategies that amounts to "fire brigade approach" or "medicine after death".

Your goal as a business owner is to deal with customer complaint issues immediately they occur so it does not degenerate to a situation where your company is hit with loads of bad reviews on the internet.

In today's internet age, many potential customers search for online reviews before paying for a product or service.

So, loads of bad online reviews will slowly kill your business.

The Role of A Brand Reputation Management Software

So, what is the best brand reputation management strategy?

It consist of two parts:

1) Use an online reputation management software to request product reviews from your customers within 24hrs of their purchase

2) Have a dedicated management staff read through every one of those reviews and demand action from team members responsible for fixing the issues raised

3) Ensure senior management receive a weekly report of all issues for the week and their status (pending or fixed)

4) Ensure there is a management staff responsible for ensuring all customer complaints gathered through the software are resolved satisfactory with the customers involved

Bottom line.

Brand reputation management is serious business.

When customer complaints are addressed to the satisfaction of your customers, they will rarely go online to bad-mouth your company in popular online review sites.

Here's one very important thing to remember.

Your workers (management and non-management staff) may not always tell you the truth about customer service issues because their jobs may be at stake in certain instances.

The Solution?

Use a brand reputation management software that is centred around getting direct feedback from your clients and storing that feedback in a database so you (or your customer insights manager) can . . .

1) Comb through all the individual complaints and

2) Fix the root cause of the complaints so you end up with satisfied customers again

You need satisfied customers to grow your business and make lots of money.

Therefore, you must deal with customer complaints promptly. And the secret to doing that is deploying a brand reputation management software for your business.

The Erimama Reputation Management Software

The good news is this . . . we offer a brand reputation management software that enables your business to get direct, unfiltered feedback from your customers.

The Erimama reputation management software . . .

1) Collects the name, phone numbers and email of your customers and stores them in a customer database dedicated solely to your business

2) Collects customer feedback about the quality of your product (or service) and stores it in the database

3) Gives you 24/7 access to the database of your customers and their positive and negative feedback and

4) Offers you a marketing system that helps you re-engage with all of your customers and get them to buy from you again

Our reputation management software is focused on helping your business grow!

Click HERE for a FREE DEMO of our brand reputation management software.

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