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Erimama Book Store Lagos Nigeria:

The Erimama book store is a book store devoted to selling books written by Samson Itoje, CEO of Erimama Investment Company Limited (and author of this Lagos Nigeria real estate web site).

This Nigeria online bookshop has books on . . .

  • Real estate investing and
  • How to make money as an entrepreneur

All of these books were written by Samson Itoje, the premium Nigeria business and real estate coach.

We encourage you to buy at least one book from the Erimama book store today.

Remember . . . "Readers are leaders".

So, buy at least one book today.

Read it and grow financially.

See our book titles below.

Nigeria Real Estate Books

"Nigeria Real Estate Investing 101: 8 Practical Tips To Get Rich Through Property Investing".

Real Estate Sales Training Nigeria

Real Estate Sales Training - Get More Clients With Social Media Advertising

strategic real estate investing nigeria

Strategic Real Estate Investing Strategies - 7 Killer Strategies To Invest Creatively In Nigeria Real Estate

investment property strategies Lagos nigeria

Investment Property Strategies - 7 Proven Strategies To Make Money With Nigeria Real Estate

Money Books - Financial Empowerment Books

how to make money from the internet nigeria How To Make Money From The Internet - A Step By Step Guide To Making Honest Income Online

Business Books

how to build a one billion naira business with small capital How To Build A One Billion Naira Business With Small Capital - The Secrets of The Rich Exposed!
Achieve Financial Freedom In Nigeria

Financial Freedom: The Secret To Work Less And Make More Money

Price: $97 (or 45,590 Naira) Only

Call 07086459367 or 08033290430 to place your order

Retire Rich

Retire Wealthy in Nigeria

Want to retire wealthy?

Want to transition from "the belittled employee" to "The CEO who makes all the money"?

Read the book, "Retire Wealthy - The Hidden Secret To Build Unlimited Wealth" by Samson Itoje, CEO Erimama Investment Company Limited.

Book Price: $97 (or 45,590 Naira)

Call 07086459367 or 08033290430 to place your order


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