How Blood Glucose Level Cost A Life In Lagos Nigeria -
True Life Story of How Blood Sugar Level Cost A Family Their Bread Winner. Beware!

What is your blood sugar level?

Or more correctly, What is your blood glucose level?

Is it too high or too low?

Most likely you don't know.

The truth is this . . . you are not alone.

blood glucose level nigeria

Most people in Lagos Nigeria, and all over Nigeria, do not know their blood glucose level.


The simple reason is because they never bother to find out.

By now you're probably wondering, "why should I worry about my blood sugar level?"

The reason is this . . . Knowing the level of your blood glucose could help you identify if you're diabetic or not and so could help you live longer.


How serious is this issue?

Well, it could save your life!

To help you understand how serious this issue is, I will share with you a true life story . . . an incident that happened a couple of weeks back in Lagos Nigeria that emphasizes why you should know your blood glucose level and mention it to health professionals when you visit a hospital or clinic different from your family hospital where you have your case file.

True Life Story - How I Lost A Family Friend To High Blood Glucose Level

About two weeks ago, a family friend (a father of five kids) complained of stomach pain and general body weakness.

He was promptly rushed to a nearby private hospital.

Since he was weak, the doctor on duty decided to give him glucose to restore his energy.

So, they gave him the first intravenous glucose. When the glucose bag was empty, the nurse installed the second round of glucose.

Somewhere near half of the content of the second bag of glucose, his situation got worse.

A quick blood glucose test showed that he had diabetes . . . he was a diabetic patient even though he did not know it.

Obviously, the hospital had made a mistake.

The patient didn't know he was diabetic but since he was over 40 years, an experienced health professional would have done a simple blood glucose test before administering glucose on him.

To make matters worse, the hospital didn't have any insulin to administer on him to minimize the impact of the glucose already pumped into his system.

To cut a long story short, he went into a coma within an hour (or thereabout).

Guess what the hospital did.

They referred him to a government hospital to avoid further embarrassment (or is it to avoid having to deal with the consequences of their action?).

Fortunately, he recovered from the coma at the government hospital but then he was diagonised with kidney failure shortly thereafter. Within 4 days he was dead even though he was on life support.

What Is Your Status? Are You
In Danger?

The above story is a true life story.

The incident described above happened sometime in April 2012 in Lagos Nigeria.

The problem started with the patient not knowing his blood sugar level or diabetes status.

Then the problem was compounded by incompetent health professionals who pumped more glucose into his system.

Bottom line.

The family lost a hard working, loving, and dedicated father, husband and bread winner. Now the wife has to carry the responsibility of caring for five children all by herself.

I have one question for you.

What is your status?

What is your blood glucose level or blood sugar level?

Do you know if you have diabetes?


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a situation where an individual does not have sufficient insulin in his system to convert the glucose in his system to sugar.

In some cases, the body may produce sufficient insulin but the body cells of the individual may be resistant to that insulin.

Either way, when an individual is diabetic, he has excess glucose in his blood because his system is not converting more glucose into the sugar the body needs to perform optimally.

If that situation persist for long enough, it eventually results in organ failure and other associated diseases.

Bottom line.

If you don't know your diabetes status and deal with the situation on time, it could lead to organ failure, stroke, and ultimately . . . death.

Want to live long? Want to enjoy your family?

Want to enjoy vibrant health?

Know your status!

Managing Your Blood Sugar Level

The first step is to know your status.

The second step is to . . .

1. Control your blood sugar level so you don't become diabetic (if you're not already diabetic) or

2. Control your blood sugar level so you stay within healthy levels and live longer (if you're already diabetic)

Bottom line.

Whether you're already diabetic or not, you need to control your blood glucose level so you can have a great life and a great and positive life story to tell your grand children.

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