Big Houses Lagos Nigeria - Free Tips For Building And Letting Big Homes

Big houses Lagos Nigeria - If you are a lover of big homes, then this section is for you. Here we look at modern house plans in Lagos Nigeria with respect to big houses and also share free tips for letting and building big homes here in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria.

There are different categories of big massive houses or property in Lagos.

  • there is the big and shapeless real estate . . . a gigantic building with so many rooms and offshoots but without finesse, style, or class
  • there are also the classy exotic designs that combine size, style and class seamlessly
  • When you think of building a big property, the later should be your goal. Otherwise, it will amount to a big waste of resources. Here are a few of the popular designs in Lagos Nigeria.

    1. 5 bedroom duplex with all rooms ensuite

    This kind of property usually has 4 bedrooms upstairs and 1 bedroom downstairs along with a spacious sitting room, a kitchen, a bar (optional), and a reasonably sized dinning hall.

    Of course, the size of the dinning area is a function of the land area occupied by the building itself. And since we are talking about big houses here that will indeed be sizeable.

    The statement "all rooms ensuite" means that each room is a stand alone. That means, each room has its own bath and toilet to itself. So, each occupant really has no business with the other occupants of the house except in terms of sharing the dinning, kitchen and sitting room areas.

    A big home of this size actually has two sitting area . . . one downstairs and one upstairs. The living room downstairs is for visitors and family members whereas the living room (or sitting room) upstairs is strictly private . . . only for family members.

    One other thing.

    Big houses of this category also have at least two balconies. The balcony downstairs and another upstairs.

    2. 6 bedroom duplex with all rooms ensuite

    This class of big homes is similar to that described above but has one additional room.

    In this case, you may have 4 bedroom upstairs and 2 bedroom downstairs or 5 bedroom upstairs and one downstairs. In most cases, the bedroom downstairs is usually the guest bedroom. Family members all stay upstairs . . . up close and personal. While the guest stays downstairs.

    Cool, right?

    3. Luxury detached houses

    Many luxury detached houses in addition to the above is designed to give each occupant complete pleasure and privacy.

    For example, each bedroom may have its own balcony or verandah so occupants can get a dose of fresh air right from their room area whenever they desire it. This eliminates the necessity to come downstairs and mix with the rest of the 'crowd'.

    No doubt, big luxurious homes are . . . "the bomb" . . . the ultimate.

    However, if you do not have the muscle for it, then you may have to consider small house plans.

    Whether you're letting or buying, the deciding factor is the size of your bank account. And do remember that after letting or building a big home, you have to make provision for maintenance cost because the bigger the apartment, the bigger the cost of maintenance.

    There's no use being shy if you can't afford big homes or big real estate. It's your pocket that determine the category you play.

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