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Big homes Lagos Nigeria - Big houses have a lot of space internally and externally. Unfortunately, many big homes are so big and unattractive that you wonder why the owners wasted so much money and accomplished so little.

If you have the funds to build a big property, then you should have the street-wise sense to add a touch of class to the building. In my practice as a
real estate consultant, I have seen lots and lots of buildings that are big and shapeless . . . Nigeria real estate without head or tail.
That should not happen to you!

When you decide to build your own home and you have determined that you want a spacious and luxurious big home, the very next thing is to choose a design that not only delivers on size but also on style.

There are thousands of architects that have a track record for producing designs that tease the imagination. Some of these designs you will find online. Others you will find offline.

Bottom line.

Nigeria Real Estate Investing 101

Don't give your home design to a quack. Already you the money to build a big real estate. And it takes a man with guts and REAL money to build
gigantic real estate . . . big homes. Since you have the guts and the cash to build big real estate or big property in Lagos Nigeria, you should have
the cash to buy the services of one of the best architects in the country.

So, think and act smart.

What are the features of big homes?

As mentioned earlier, space is key.

1. The sitting area is like a football pitch . . . more or less

2. The balcony is sizable enough for evening relaxation and a good view of the moon

3. The penthouse is great for a family party

4. The bedroom is a masterpiece with more than enough space to dance with your wife . . . the perfect dance floor for married couples

5. The master bathroom has large size Jacuzzi. Actually, in-door swimming pool sized bathtub

6. The kitchen is a master piece with state of the art fittings and fixtures that tempt you to cook

7. The property has a garden with lovely flowers and lush carpeting of green grass that tempt you to sit and enjoy nature

8. The lawn tennis court invites you to play

9. The table tennis arena beckons at you and invites you to the game of your life

10. The squash court has a bar where you can ease off after a good game with friends

11. The swimming pool sparkles in the mid-day sun with the sexiness of a new bride

Sure, big houses with all the amenities described above is are graceful places to live.

However, there is a cost attached . . . there's a price tag.

Besides the size of the building construction cost, you must also think of the building maintenance cost. Nigerians often don't give careful thought to that. But you should. If after due consideration you decide that you can manage this conveniently, then go for it.

Some people have the financial capability to build big homes but they opt for small houses because they decide to be quiet instead of being loud. They decide to be simple instead of being complicated. If you feel that way too, then a small house or portable fairly luxurious house is just perfect for you.

Life is short. So keep things simple and enjoy it.

Remember what the lord Jesus said, "If your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright".

So, keep it simple and lovely.

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