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What is the best mlm business opportunity to join in Nigeria? What are the best mlm companies in Nigeria?

These are questions often asked by Nigeria network marketers who are either looking for a network marketing business opportunity to join or those already a member of an mlm home business opportunity but who are looking for a better deal.

best mlm business opportunity

Why is that question the most popular question in the lips of network marketers?

The reason is simple . . . millions of people in network marketing are failing. That is why it's common to see network marketers jumping from one business opportunity to another in search of the best mlm business opportunity.

Don't get me wrong.

Business failure is not peculiar to network marketers.

In fact, over 80 percent of people who start a business usually close shop within the first 1-3 years.


Simple answer . . . business is tough.

Since business is tough, those who succeed in business are those who make the right decisions during the planning phase and persist in continually doing what is right for their business.

Guess what.

As a network marketer (or would-be network marketer), one of the "right decisions" you should make when joining a

network marketing business opportunity is to join the best mlm business opportunity or one of the best mlm companies in Nigeria.

Trust me, you will be happier if you do because your bank account will swell with profits.

How To Determine The Best MLM Companies

The best MLM companies and the best mlm business opportunity have some features that make them the best mlm business opportunities around.

These operating features are also what guarantees that you will succeed when you join the mlm companies in question.

No, I am not talking about the compensation plan.

The majority of mlm companies have juicy compensation plans that generously reward high converting network marketers. But you have to first find prequalified leads (or qualified leads) before you convert them to paying customers.

Therefore, to succeed with mlm business, the mlm companies you decide to join must have the following attributes:

1. The company must allow you to promote its products through your own website. The world is going online so you have to catch leads through online sources like facebook, twitter, and your own website

2. The company must give a FREE high converting sales website for people who join the business opportunity. Note that I said "sales website" NOT company website listing products

3. The sales website the company give its distributors must have a backend that provides solid information that easily converts prospects to customers, not just product information.

4. The company should pay you at least once every two weeks. Once every 5 or 6 weeks (on the first or second week of the following month) isn't good for your business. You're spending money to promote the mlm business. And you need constant in-flow of cash to sustain your business

5. The entry level cost of the opportunity should be reasonable. Millions of people are poor in Nigeria. You will have trouble converting leads to paying customers if the cost of joining the network marketing business opportunity is too high

6. The company's products should be reasonably priced. If the products are too expensive, you will have trouble selling them. And that will reduce your lead-to-customer conversion ratio

7. The company's products must deliver on their service promise. Personal use some of the mlm companies products and see if it meets your expectations as a customer NOT as a distributor

Good products that deliver on their service promise sell themselves.

At the very least, the best mlm business opportunities have the best products in their category irrespective of whether they are in the health, nutritional supplements, or some other category.

No mlm company should expect to capture the attention of network marketers for long if they fail to meet the expectation of network marketers. Network marketers are in business to make profit.

Want to be a successful network marketer?

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NOTE: The start-up capital to become a distributor for this company is =N=142,000. Do not bother filling the form below if you do not have the capital to start the business.

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