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Best affiliate marketing program directory Nigeria - Affiliate marketing referral program is a program set up by companies to recruit sales people, called affiliates, who are paid based on the volume of sales made.

The best affiliate marketing program as well as the average type affiliate programs have one thing in common . . . they pay their independent sales people or affiliates a percentage of their sales volume as affiliate commission.

This means that affiliates are sales partners (or associates) of the company who owns the affiliate marketing referral program.

You're here reading this because you already know the importance of joining the best affiliate marketing program. So, I won't bore you with the basics of affiliate marketing referral programs.

Nevertheless, I have one piece of advice for you . . . join the very best affiliate marketing program.

But how does one know the best affiliate marketing referral program?

It's simple.

Join the program that meet your profit goals.

Your Number 1 Goal - Profit Maximization

Let's be honest here.

What is your number one reason for wanting to join an affiliate marketing referral program?

Why are you looking for an affiliate or partner program to join?

Money, right?

You want to make money . . . and plenty of it.

Sure . . .

  • You want a reliable company . . . a company you can bank on, a solid company that is true to its word
  • You want a respected company . . . a company whose reputation will not destroy yours
  • You want a company with respected brands . . . respected brands that you can easily sell for profit

    Yes, your commission is guaranteed if the company you decide to partner with is reliable and has respected brands that consumers love.

    But when you're paid your commission, how much will it be?

    If your earnings per month from the affiliate program is too small, you will soon abandon it.

    Bottom line.

    You want the highest possible earnings from any affiliate program you choose to join.

    Therefore, the best affiliate marketing program for you is one that empowers you to earn the highest amount of money.

    Since that's the case, the important question is, "what affects how much you earn from the affiliate marketing referral program?"

    It's the affiliate program pay plan.

    Affiliate Marketing Referral
    Program - The Pay Plan

    Affiliate programs from different companies have different pay plans.

    The commonest affiliate pay plans are:

    1. Linear pay plans

    2. Two tier pay plans and

    3. Unlimited tier pay plans

    A linear affiliate pay plan is one that pays you a certain amount per sale and nothing more.

    best affiliate marketing referral program nigeria

    For example, a particular affiliate program may pay you 15 percent of the sale price for each item you sell.

    Consequently, if the product cost 10,000 Naira per unit, you will be paid 1,500 Naira for each unit you sell.

    Suppose you succeed in selling 20 units of the company's products in a particular month. In that particular month you will be paid a commission of 30,000 Naira (that is, 1,500 x 20).

    Let's talk about the two-tier pay plan.

    The two-tier affiliate marketing referral program pay plan is one where you are paid in two levels.

    First level - you get paid a percentage of the product sale price for the quantity you sell as described above

    Second level - you get paid a percentage of the sales made by other affiliates you refer to the business

    The two-tier affiliate program was developed by companies to enable them increase their affiliate population by paying affiliates for recruiting more people (called sub-affiliates) to join their affiliate program.

    More affiliates mean increased sales for the company. And since the company is paying you for sales made by affiliates, it also means increased revenue for you.

    For example, there is a particular affiliate program that sells a web-based software subscription priced at $299 per year.

    The company runs a two-tier affiliate program.

    First level - $75 per sale

    Second level - $25 per sale made by your sub-affiliates

    Suppose you sell ten subscriptions of this software in a particular month while your team of sub-affiliates sell 20. Your earnings for the month will be as follows:

    First level sales = $750 (That is, 75 x 10)

    Second level sales = $500 (That is, 25 x 20)

    Total Earnings = $1,250

    In summary, you earn more money from a two-tier program than a linear program.

    More Payment Levels - Explosive Profits

    There is a third payment plan that really explodes the profit of affiliates. This kind of payment plan pays affiliates in 4 levels.

    Think about it.

    Single level payment plan, two-tier payment plan, and 4 tier payment plan . . . which will make you richer sooner?

    Sure, the payment plan that pays you across 4 levels.

    In fact, this is the best affiliate marketing program there is whether you live in Lagos Nigeria, Abuja Nigeria, Port Harcourt, Benin city, Abeokuta, or anywhere else in the world.

    In practical terms, it means that you could earn as much as 1.5 million Naira or more per month, every month, with 4 tier compensation plans while your friend partnering with a linear affiliate program company could earn just 50,000 Naira putting in the same time and effort as you did.

    Believe me, 4 tier pay plan is the bomb!

    Looking for the best affiliate marketing program to join?

    You got it . . . join an affiliate marketing referral program that pays in at least 4 levels.

    Take Action! Make Money!

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